Also known as an article rewriter or a sentence rephrase, a paraphrasing tool can allow you to re-compose the text. It can assist you in finding a way to convey your message in a completely new manner. You can reinvigorate the information already existing on the internet. It can allow you to save your time and effort in writing an article from scratch. You can notice an enhanced quality of the already existing content. If that is not enough, paraphrasing tools can help brainstorm the vocabulary and simplify an intricate text.

Whether you are a student or a blogger, you can have a whole new world of plagiarism-free content with these tools. With this, you need to learn about the leading rephrasing tools. This blog will cover online paraphrasing tools, both free and paid. Before we can go ahead, let’s take a look at the concepts of paraphrasing:



What is Paraphrasing?


Retaining every word we read can be out of the question. It can explain why even after reading a text numerous times, many of us have to rephrase it, and that is how you can define paraphrasing. In different words, paraphrasing refers to stating the same content with its original version using a different set of words. It is performed to convey the original message with different words.


Today, these tools have become so advanced that instead of rotating a word for another word, they study and produce content that can actually be sense-making. This allows the removal of several unwanted words automatically. If you want to reduce the length of the sentence, the tool can get that done too.



Online vs Manual Paraphrasing


We have tools, but you can also use manual efforts to paraphrase. As the terms tell about their meaning, let’s learn how the concepts of manual paraphrasing and online paraphrasing are different.


Machine or Manual

 Paraphrasing tools are a set of algorithms that work accordingly to provide you with the same content written differently. When it comes to manual paraphrasing, it is about putting human efforts, thinking, and ideas to present the content differently. Both methods are different, and if you choose to go ahead with paraphrasing tools, you must revise the refurbished content before submitting it.


Easily Paraphrased

Etymologically, paraphrasing has its roots in the Latin and Greek term- paraphrasis, which refers to using different words to tell. With this, paraphrasing is all about changing the text and not it’s meaning. Talking of paraphrasing tools and manual paraphrases, one needs to learn about the concept and then start changing the term, which seems more of a human effort. However, if it was about putting in manual effort, why would there be a tool? When you rephrase the content, you will alter the words, which a tool can do faster. Meanwhile, your only efforts would be with inputs, outputs, and proofreading. Isn’t it cool?




One of the reasons behind paraphrasing a text is to produce unique content. With students doing it more often with their assignments, the need is to make sure that no content comes plagiarized. Now, when you put in your manual efforts, you will have a lot of reasons to feel baffled at numerous stages. That is because you might feel worried constantly. For this, you can count on the leading paraphrasing tools for preparation as they can bring whole new ways of writing the content without making you write. By any chance, if the content comes plagiarized, which is rare with a tool, you will not have to worry about getting it fixed.


How do paraphrasing tools work?

Using a paraphrasing tool is no rocket science! To avail of one, all you have to do is click. At first, you have to select the text, copy it, and paste it into the allotted section for the same. After this, tap on the button titled paraphrase now. You have to wait for a few seconds to allow the revised material to come on the other display box, usually on the right-hand side or under the previously shared tool. These tools can ask you to enter a captcha code before they can go ahead with rephrasing your text.


Uses of Paraphrasing 

Either manual or with tools, you need to paraphrase texts numerous times for several reasons. It can include simplifying text and converting it into easy-to-understand text. You can use it when you do not want to use the quotations in excess. Its role is essential when you do not want to change the meaning of the text but do not want to use the same words either. Paraphrasing can be of great use if you want to explain the crucial or major points of the passage.


These were the reasons why you must look for a paraphrasing tool for your website. You can avail of paraphrasing tools if you are:



Students at the post-graduate and Ph.D. levels have to work on several assignments. When submitting, being one, you will have to ensure that your piece of work is plagiarism-free. That is because the universities have access to Turnitin-a tool that differentiates plagiarism from unique content. Plagiarized content can end up being a hindrance to your assessment.


Bloggers: Writers are known for their inventive minds, which is true. If you are one, you can relate yourself to the situation of writer’s block. Yet the need for new words and new ideas will always exist. That is where a paraphrasing tool will become your savior, and you will be able to find new worlds, ideas, and ways of presenting the same thought. All in all, it can allow you to improve your content during the times you have a block.


Best free and Paid Paraphrasing tools online 

 Here goes the list of leading options you can pick for paraphrasing your content: is a language-based application that strives to extend the tools for everyday purposes such as paraphrasing. Talking of how this tool works, its algorithm analyzes the meaning of the content and then shares the same message, but with different words. While doing so, it also takes care of the grammatical errors present in the content. It is a free tool for numerous services. It can include books, articles, essays, messages, notes, chapters, paraphrases, and even new ideas. You can also use this rewriter for PowerPoint slides and even to rephrase in multiple languages.



 QuillBot is a leading-edge paraphrasing tool to provide you with effortless writing. It offers free paraphrasing up to 125 words, and for texts of bigger sizes, you would need to go for a premium subscription. It comes with an option of customization of vocabulary, and you can use it for free to some extent. You can make the best out of this tool if you are a researcher, journalist, attorney, student, or anyone else in need of paraphrasing your content. Once rephrased the content, this platform can also take you to other services.



Spinrewriter is a text re-writing tool that strives to spin the text to open the world of extensive content to bring optimal results for SEO purposes. Along with rephrasing content, this tool offers a plethora of other options. It includes side-by-side comparison, mass export, bulk article spinning, and paragraph creation. It also has detailed video tutorials, compatibility for working on all devices, and several other features. When it comes to getting started with it, you can join the tool with start-up features for free.


Word AI

This artificial intelligence tool can rephrase tools faster than manual efforts. The features that it promises to its users are plag-free content, turnaround time, control of creativity, and rewriters from 1 to 1000. It is compatible with HTML, can allow a bulk download, and offers Article Forge integration, and Code view. Talking of whether it is free or paid, Word AI does offer a free trial of up to 3 days, after which it extends different packages. Another feature of this tool is its money-back guarantee of 30-days.



This rewriter works with natural language processing and artificial intelligence. With it, you can re-write or spin content in a few seconds, rephrase in different languages, get existing videos, images, articles, and a lot more. It offers wider features, including getting content from different corners of the internet and framing them into a new piece of writing. It extends plagiarism-free content delivered at an eased cost. Coming to price, this tool offers a free trial that lasts for up to 14 days. After that, you will have to pay the fee for rephrasing your content.


Final Thoughts

 The tech world has brought us many wonders, and the algorithm-based paraphrasing tool is one of them. With this, the whole process of rephrasing content, a web copy, or an assignment has become a matter of a few clicks. In this blog, you learned about paraphrasing, its types, and reasons for using paraphrasing tools. With the ease of rephrasing the texts into unique content, these tools have paved the way for reduced efforts for students. It also allows bloggers to combat the state of writer’s block. To facilitate it for you, this blog mentioned a list of the leading tools for the same. You can count on, Quillbot, Spinwriter, Word AI, and Chimprewriter.