Looking for an AI content writing tool that can help you write great content without a fuss? Frase.io has been a go-to for many, but it may not be the perfect fit for everyone. It offers quick SEO-friendly content but can sometimes churn out repetitive sentences, which is a common problem we’ve seen with many AI content writers generating long-form content. And, let’s not forget, that trying Frase.io involves a somewhat rigid trial process that asks for your payment details straight away.

The best AI content writing tools are easy to use right from the start. They offer features that help you create content that’s both unique and engaging. A tool that understands your audience’s needs and can adapt its style to suit is a must-have. And of course, it should allow you to test its capabilities without any commitment, so you can be sure it’s the right fit for you before you make a purchase.

Many AI content writing tools come with smart features that make the writing process a breeze and make high-quality engaging content almost effortless. These tools offer clear, concise workflows to help you keep your content strategy on point. Without further ado, let’s dive into some Frase.io alternatives.

1. Smodin.io

Smodin.io is an AI content writing tool that lets you generate superior-quality content in minutes. The tool focuses on AI writing, especially for long-form content such as descriptive essays, articles, research papers, and blogs.

It is a one-stop hub for long-form content generation which includes features like AI rewriter, summarizer, and plagiarism checker. The tool is ideal for business owners, marketers, and writers to use for quick and easy delivery of superior content.

Smodin.io offers most of its services for free, all you will need is an email account to use the tool. The limited starter version, which is the free plan, gives you 3 writing credits/ day, unlike 4 articles/month on Frase.io, and 5 daily entries for its other tools like plagiarism checker and rewrite.

Even the paid plans are relatively affordable, at $10/mo and $29/mo. The $10/mo is very accessible, considering it provides 100 Writing Credits / Mo, unlimited rewrites and plagiarism checks, and 1000 Characters / Text.

The most popular plan, Essentials, offers 20,000 /mo, a free-flow content expander, the ability to generate all essay types using their author sub-tool, and 9 articles a month. It is a steal.

If you want to know more about Smodin.io’s Pricing model, check the details here.

2. Jasper.ai

Jasper.ai is an AI writing tool that can be used to generate marketing copy such as blogs, product descriptions, social media captions, and more. Ideal for social media content creators and short-form bloggers,

It includes thousands of template post types, such as blogs, to help the user get started. Some cons of this tool, however, are that the generated content may require heavy editing and is not for people looking for a polished article on the first go.

  • Free trial: The 5-day free trial includes 10000-word credits
  • Starter Pack:  At $24/month and includes over 50 templates to choose from
  • Boss Pack: At $49/month or 50,000 words, over 50 templates, and is ideal for marketers and small businesses. For packages apart from these, you will have to contact the sales team at Jasper.ai.

3. Rtyr

Rytr is another great tool for short-form marketing content. With an easy-to-use dashboard, the tool is ideal for users looking to make content for social media.

This easy-to-use tool is a favorite amongst copywriters and marketers but does come with a few drawbacks. At times, the generated results can be a little repetitive and might not be ideal for long-form content.

  • Free Plan: Generate 10K characters monthly, access to 20+ tones, built-in plagiarism checker, and more.
  • Saver Plan: At $9/mo you get everything from the free plan and an upgrade of 100K characters a month.
  • Unlimited Plan: At $29/mo you get an upgrade of unlimited characters a month, a dedicated account manager and a priority email and chat support.

4. Writesonic

Writer Sonic is an AI tool that specializes in both long-form and short-form content depending on the plan you have selected. It is marketed as a gloried AI writer that can help you deliver essays, emails, and even ebooks.

  • Writer Sonic Pricing Model
  • Free Plan: The free trial offers users 10,000 words for usage and access to 100+ templates and more.
    Pro Plan: The pro plan is divided into two sections, premium quality, and superior quality. The premium quality uses GPT-3.5 technology and the superior uses GPT-4 32K technology. Superior quality provides better output in comparison. This plan is priced at $12.67.

5. copy.ai

A popular AI writing tool, Copy AI can create content for blogs, social media, the web, emails, and more. The tool is used quite extensively by copywriters, but long-form content may require editing and some fact-checking.

  • Free package: Includes about 2000 words a month and a 7-day free trial to the pro plan, 90+ copywriting tools.
  • Pro Package: At $494/mo you get unlimited words, a blog wizard that creates a full blog post in minutes, and priority support


The best AI content writing tool depends on your specific needs and what you want out of the tool. Look for something that will save you time and energy and fit your content needs.

While Frase.io has been a popular choice, it’s not the only option out there. Many AI content writing tools offer a more flexible and user-friendly approach to content creation, with features that streamline your workflow and help craft unique, engaging content with ease.

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