Using tools to improve your text editing skills

What is a text editor?

A text editor is responsible for making sure that written content is readable by the audience. They point out spelling mistakes and SVA errors to polish a written piece of work. They could also eliminate sentences or rearrange paragraphs to make an idea sound more coherent.

The importance of honing your editing skills

Editing is the preparation of written materials before publication and is a key part of the writing process. In this process, the draft is completed, finalized, and transformed into the final work.

Editing has many purposes: clarifying messages, correcting errors, summarizing or expanding the text to reach a certain number of words, or changing the tone to make it more specific, to a specific function or a specific audience.
Learning how to be a good editor will make you a better writer since it’s an important part of the whole process.
Before you start editing a text, determine what your goals or the author’s goals are.  Keep these goals in mind, because these goals will determine what you will change or what you can suggest to the author (in case you aren’t working on your own text). Smodin’s rewriter can help you find other ways to convey the same meaning in other forms. In doing so, we also make sure to correct all grammatical errors along the way.


When editing, it’s important to keep the reader in mind. This will help you choose the right tone, the right words, and how to organize the content. Think about things like their reading level, their familiarity with the content, and why they read your text.


When you are editing your own work, you have to be willing to kill your treasures, what this means, is to eliminate sentences, paragraphs, or even entire sections that are to your liking, but, unfortunately, do not contribute to the objective of your writing. In many cases, these treasures are unique and beautiful pieces, however, the objective of editing is to focus on optimizing your writing, if a sentence is only for decoration or does not go with the objective of the text, it has to go.

Being a good editor is the key to being a good writer

Good works of text are not everywhere, and In most cases, are the result of a carefully crafted, and meticulous editing process with a goal in mind. A skilled editor can turn catastrophic drafts into exquisite works of art. For this reason, no matter what you want to write next, Smodin can help you to improve your editing skills.
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