Smodin Proudly Announces the release of its new Plagiarism Checker and Auto Citation Generator Multi-Lingual API

This Plagiarism Checker API and Auto citation Generator API, it’s not only fast, multi-lingual, and accurate, but it’s also efficient and at a more reasonable price than other plagiarism checker alternatives on the market. Besides, it’s the only Multilingual Plagiarism Checker integrated with automatic language detection and Automatic Citation!

Plagiarism Checker API Features

Plagiarism Checker

Detect plagiarised content, whether intentional or not,  add sources, and check whether or not your text contains duplicate content. Scan millions of websites at the same time, find and add sources quickly, and scan for thousands of characters and hundreds of words, fast reliable, and accurate.

Automatic Citation Generator

The first and only Automatic Citation Generator, which allows you to generate citations in various formats, including APA, MLA, Chicago, ABNT, and more! Allowing you to easily add the correct citations for your essays, presentations, or works. Each profession or culture has its own point of view when it comes to plagiarism, always be sure to check what kind of tolerance there is in your field, in some cases, citations are required by law! Instead of taking the time yourself, you can just set it up however you would like and pick the format you want.


One of the few, if not the Only Plagiarism checker API that supports this many languages, currently supporting all 50 languages located on   Here is a shortlist with the language codes: arabic (ar), catalan (ca), danish (da), dutch (nl), french (fr), hungarian (hu), indonesian (id), italian (it), polish (pl), swedish (sv), turkish (tr), ukranian (uk), filipino (tl), english (en), spanish (es), portuguese (pt), german (de), malay (ms), norwegian (no), romanian (ro), vietnamese (vi), finnish (fi), czech (cs), russian (ru), greek (el), slovak (sk), croatian (hr), korean (ko), chinese (zh-cn), hebrew (he), and japanese (ja).

Auto language detection

Since we support a long list of languages and the results may vary depending on the language you search, we’ve implemented an auto language detection feature, increasing not only its efficiency and speed but also its accuracy. Find out more about this API by clicking HERE

Smodin is excited for you to choose the multilingual plagiarism checker and auto-citation generator API to streamline your writing process. For any inquiries about these writing tools, please contact us today.