Most students face an essay crisis at some point in their academic life. An essay deadline is approaching, and you are scrambling to finish your work quickly. Or maybe you have a job, and your boss demands overtime from you when an essay is due. Or perhaps you are not confident in your writing skill and do not know how to get the essay done correctly.
When it happens, students wonder, can someone else write my essay for me? Well, there are various online essay writers available to help you write better and more effective essays, so you never face an essay crisis.
Students also have a concern about is essay writers legit they want to use to create their custom-written model paper. The online essay writing industry has a shady reputation, and students worry that they will receive plagiarized content and be charged a high price. Fortunately, there are plenty of legitimate online essay writers, though finding them can be difficult. No worries, we will help you.
In this article, we will answer the question of whether online essay writers are legit and talk about the availability of online essay writers.

Various Types of Online Essay Writers 

Essay writing service 

Essay writing service providers are agencies that write your essay based on your request for an affordable price. They have a team of essay writers who provide unique, plagiarism-free, and custom essays for all educational levels. They also proofread the essay to ensure it is free of grammar errors and vague sentences.
Human writers are experts in various subjects and can handle any academic essay easily. They help write narrative, argumentative, descriptive, expository, persuasive, analytical, explicatory, compare & contrast, and so on essays. Moreover, the writers have a good hold on various subjects like Geography, Sociology, Culture, Ethics, Philosophy, and more.
All the writers on the online writing services platform undergo strict verification. Their knowledge and skills are checked so they can provide you with perfect essays every time.

AI essay writer tools

Essay writing is the most time-consuming and labor-intensive task for students. Turing to essay writing services to get your essay written can be expensive in the long term. Therefore, you can use the AI essay writer tool to generate your essay.
AI essay writer tools are software powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) that analyzes the text and writes an essay for you on your chosen topic. These tools can do several tasks like selecting keywords, organizing information per the essay type, adding transition words, and distinguishing between facts and opinions.
Most AI essay writer tools work similarly; you enter a title, question, or paragraph, and the program provides you with an essay based on your information. Both free and paid AI essay writer tools are available.

Writers on freelance platforms

The demand for online freelancing jobs has increased in recent years. There are various freelance platforms where writers offer writing services at a low cost. Though these services are for professionals, the affordable service charges have led many students to outsource their essay writing projects without burning a hole in their pocket.
The writers on these freelance platforms have experienced writers who write essays on your behalf. However, some writers may charge a higher rate and not deliver your paper on time. So, when you hire a writer, you must interview them to determine if they are an excellent match to write your essay.

Are Essay Writers Legit?

Many students turn to online essay writers because they are in an essay jam. Essays have become a standard way to gauge students learning. Therefore, the number of essays students must write has reached a record high. Students must complete around four essays per course or 16 essays per semester. In writing-intensive majors, the number can be 20 or more essays per semester.
Overwhelmed by the number of essays students are asked to write, they take a plunge and reach out to online essay writers. However, many are concerned about is essay writer legit they want to use to complete their assignments. Yes, the online essay writers are legit when used as directed.
If a service allows you to talk to a human customer service representative rather than conduct business via anonymous chatbots is likely to be legit. However, when looking for an online essay writer, it is essential to do some research to ensure that the service you are planning to use is safe and legitimate. Read online reviews to get to know them better.
When you outsource essay writing work, you get a well-written, plagiarism-free, and quality essay. It helps you beat submission deadlines, achieve academic success, and spare time for other activities. However, outsourcing essay writing can be expensive. It is where AI essay writer comes in. There are various, both free and paid.

Why AI essay writing works 

AI essay writer is a tool or software that uses AI and machine learning to generate content. It understands grammar and punctuation rules, sentence structure, and other directives. It takes your command of word limit, tone, and format and produces an essay for you. When you feed your AI essay writing software with the topic and keywords you want your essay built around, it gathers data from millions of websites on the internet.
Moreover, the AI software uses deep learning and natural language processing like the human brain functions to ensure the written piece contains the natural flow of language.
In simple words, the AI writing tool uses algorithms to collect the data, process it, and convert it for better delivery and a good reading experience.
Here is a small list of AI writing software with their cost.

Rytr (Paid with free trial)


  • Easy to use
  • Write exceptional essays in just a few minutes


  • No direct option to write a long-form essay

Article Forge (Paid with a 5-day free trial)


  • Generates unlimited essays/articles
  • Can do research


  • Essay length limited to 750 words

Jasper (Paid) 


  • Writes long-form essays in a few clicks
  • Provides well-optimized and creative essay
  • Write essays in more than 25 languages


  • Expensive

Why should students use AI essay writing over other services?

As a student, you must complete various assignments, and one includes writing essays. The number of papers to write in coursework is high, so students turn to online essay writing services. However, these services are expensive, and you cannot pass off the essay you buy as your work. It is a violation of academic honesty and integrity policies.

A better alternative is to use AI essay writing. Provide the AI writing assistant with a title, question, or paragraph. It will search various websites to generate a 100% unique, well-written essay for you. Moreover, it edits and checks the grammar as well. You can choose either a free or paid version to write your essays.

Pros of AI essay writing 

Get a professionally written essay

The AI essay writer uses natural language processing and machine learning that follow instructions to the point. When you provide the tool with the title or a paragraph, it searches millions of websites, gets suitable sources, cites your essay correctly, and generates the content. Your essay is neat, plagiarism-free, and professionally written, which might earn you better grades.


For students’ cost is a significant hindering factor when you want to outsource essay writing from human writers. The human writing services are expensive as they might charge between $20 to $25 per page on the minimum. To write a 5-page essay, you must pay $100 to $125 however, if you choose an AI essay writing tool over other writing services. In that case, the cost is significantly reduced or even free.

Write essay faster

Sometimes you might be overtaken by time and require an essay to be written within an hour or less. When using human writers, the minimum time to write an essay is three hours, and you must pay more. With the help of an AI essay writer, you can produce an essay almost instantly. Just go through the piece to ensure it is without any errors.

Among the AI essay writer available online, Smodin is the best. Why? You, my ask. Then read on.

Why is Smodin the best AI essay writer?

Essay writing is a time-consuming task, and then there is writer’s block, where you cannot move forward and write anything new. Say goodbye to all writing issues with Smodin AI writer (Smodin Author).

Smodin AI essay writer helps you write essays quickly and easily in any language. Yes, because it supports over 50 languages and variants. Thus, if you are not a native English writer, then Smodin is the best AI writer tool for you to generate essays. The tool uses deep search technology and machine learning, making content creation a breeze. Furthermore, you will save a significant amount of time, and the essay you receive will be plagiarism-free and high-quality.

Smodin AI writer is straightforward to use. Provide the tool with a few words with at least the minimum required characters and click on the generate text button to create unique and high-quality essays in minutes quickly. However, before you input the words in the tool, outline what theme you want so that you get precisely what you want.

Once you get the essay, you can review and edit it or use only the parts you like. This easy-to-use AI text writer tool helps all education levels to produce essays and articles and also works for copywriting, page creation, marketing, writing paragraphs, research papers, headlines, manuals, lists, and more. No software or programming skills are required to use the tool.

The free essay writer program also gives you total privacy as it does not save your work.


  • Free essay writer program
  • Generates 100% unique essays
  • Does not save your work


  • Possibility of developing an incomplete essay


There are various online essay writing services, and they are legit when used as directed. The companies that provide writing services are registered and licensed by the authorities. They have a team of qualified writers experienced in writing academic papers. So, rest assured the paper you receive is of high quality and meets all your requirements. However, the services of human writers are expensive so you can turn to AI writers, and the best one to choose is Smodin. It is free to use and helps generate 100% plagiarism-free and better essays. Sign up on the platform today to create your essays and save time.