We all know that writing essays can be daunting for university, college, and school students. Some students can ace it, but for most, essay writing is a huge obstacle between them and their dream degree.
Even if you are a pro at writing exams, some things like essay writing do not come naturally. Moreover, there is a necessity for quality, plagiarism-free content, and content integrity.
In academic writing, students face these problems and dilemmas all the time. Learning to write academic papers requires guidance from someone who has been through the process firsthand.
In comes AI (Artificial Intelligence), helping academic writers and other writers save the day. The trend is sweeping through high school and university students. They use machine learning to write their essays faster and with ease.
But how does an AI essay writer helps you write better essays faster? Let us get to know it.
The traditional essay writing process is time-consuming and tedious. It can take hours or even days to write a high-quality essay. With the help of AI, this process is shortened significantly.
AI writers can generate essays just as good, if not better, than those written by humans. They do this by analyzing large amounts of data and providing the most relevant information in the most organized way possible.

Writing essays requires thorough research, data collection, analysis, outlining the essay, writing, proofreading, and editing. Or you can hire a professional writer to get high-quality essays. Though their services can be expensive, you cannot always rely on them to deliver the essay within the timeframe. You may also get an essay with vague sentences, and passing on the essay as your own is cheating.
The better option, write your essays using an AI essay writer. It helps save time and write plagiarism-free essays without grammar, spelling, and style errors.
AI essay writer helps you write essays faster and provides several other benefits that help improve your writing ability. It provides you with the feedback you need to improve as you write, so you can make the changes and improve the quality of your work while writing instead of fixing the errors at the end. It helps you write quicker, save time, and submit extraordinary-quality essays that are 100% unique.
The AI essay writer is also great for students who are not native English speakers.

What is AI essay writing?

AI essay writing is a process of writing essays with a tool that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning. It generates essays based on your input. The AI essay writer analyses the information you provide and generates an essay tailored to your preferences.
AI helps your essays flow smoothly by removing unnecessary words and fluff. It removes content redundancy, creates professionally written essays, saves on cost, and writes faster and wiser.
So, how does AI essay writing work to help you write faster? Read on to know.

How does AI essay writing work?

The AI writing assistants analyze text and then write the essay on the chosen topic. These tools help complete several tasks, like selecting keywords for the essay, organizing information, adding transition words, and distinguishing between opinions and facts to avoid misspelling and incorrect tense.
A good AI essay writer tool understands the user intent and generates the essay that meets the users’ needs. Enter the topic into the tool’s user interface, and the program provides you with the essay statement. Then input the supporting points for that essay statement, and the AI assistant will generate an essay quickly without any errors.
AI improves its performance every day, and in the writing world, AI writers can learn new writing styles from the author. It uses that style to generate plagiarism-free essays much faster.

That is where Smodin comes in. But what is Smodin, you might ask?

What is Smodin?

Smodin is a revolutionary writing tool that uses artificial intelligence to help you write essays, articles, blog posts, social media posts, and more. It is a free intuitive tool to help you write high-quality, relevant, and unique content.

Type what you want to write about in a sentence or two, with at least the minimum required character for the tool to work, and hit the generate text button. Smodin AI writer will create the essay for you that you can review, edit, or use only the parts you like. You can even tweak the original essay to your preferences. Moreover, the tool generates plagiarism-free and high-quality essays in minutes with just a few words prompt.


  • Generates professionally written essays.
  • Produces 100% unique essays and articles.
  • Checks and corrects grammar and improves sentence structure.
  • Generates text and expands sentences with little input.
  • Saves cost, and time


  • Can generate unfactual information.
  • Possibility to generate incomplete essays.
  • Require proofreading and editing of the essays.

What does Smodin do?

Smodin is an easy-to-use AI essay writer tool. It is for use by all students at any education level to generate essays faster and free up time for other activities. Furthermore, no software or programming skills are essential, nor do you need to be a data scientist to use the tool. You also get real-time feedback to enhance your writing skills. The tool is completely automated and can generate essays in over 50 languages.

Other than an AI essay writer, Smodin works as a multi-lingual plagiarism checker and grammar correction tool and extracts text from image files. It also helps convert PDF files to text, voice commands to write text, generate citations, and summarize the text. Moreover, it helps translate text into multiple languages, paraphrase content, and provide real-time translated subtitles.

Don’t waste your time, effort, or money on complicated programs. Use Smodin and see your work progress at a faster pace.

Use cases of Smodin

Write essays

This is the first task Smodin AI essay writer helps you with. The tool uses natural language processing to recognize, learn, and generate essays. When using the tool, first decide what type of essay you want to write. Then, set the parameters for the tool, and your essay is ready within seconds. The AI writer analyzes the content on the internet and processes it into engaging and 100% unique essays.

Write coursework

Coursework is required to finish a particular program at a college/university. It is a challenging assignment, and many students face difficulties working on it. But Smodin is here to make the task a breeze for students. Input the topic you want to write about and see the tool generate the content for you within a few minutes.

Write term paper 

To create a term paper, time, planning, and above-average writing skills are a few things. A student capable of writing a top-quality term paper will get high grades. But many students do not have excellent writing skills and fail the term. No worries, Smodin helps you write a better term paper and score high grades. The tool enables you to choose a good topic, write the paper for you, and add citations. The tool makes your work easy.

Write blog ideas and outline

Blog ideas and outlining are tedious and time-consuming tasks. However, Smodin AI writer makes the job easy. The tool has an extensive database that understands your input and cleverly put the words together to match your preference with a range of ideas and outline for the blogs.

Other than the cases mentioned above, Smodin AI writer helps you write an introductory paragraph, concluding paragraph, interview questions, product descriptions, email content, social media ads, PPC ad copies, website content, legal documents, publications, novels, manuals, lyrics, reviews, and much more.


AI essay writer helps you generate essays faster and make your life easier as you do not have to spend all the time on it. AI writing assistant is a good and innovative tool as many students struggle with essay writing, offering great help. Among the lot, the best is Smodin AI writer, which is free and easy to use.


  • Are AI essay writers legit?

The essay writing industry is a big one. New AI essay writer tools crop up all the time. Some are great, while others dupe you of the money. When you have an important paper to write, it is vital to find a legit AI essay writer. But with so many tools, it isn’t easy to choose. Smodin is a legit AI essay writer who helps you improve your writing skills. It uses natural language processing and machine learning to generate unique essays.

  • What is the best AI essay writer?

For students, submitting quality essays and assignments on time is a challenge. Why not lessen your load by using Smodin AI, a writing assistant? It is a powerful AI-based writer that generates content with just a few words of input. It also helps generate short-form ideas like blog ideas, sales copy, etc. Moreover, it enables you to create essays in over 50 languages which no other tool on the internet provides.