9 Tips And 1 Tool to Become a Fast Writer

Essay writing is challenging. There are times when you are required to write an essay quickly due to a tight deadline imposed by a teacher or because you have been putting off writing the essay until the last minute. However, in an ideal situation, you have all the time to write a great essay, but it always does not always work that way. It is easy to get anxious under pressure and forget all the basics of writing an essay. Calm down! Whether you have an entire month or an hour, you can
write an attractive essay commendable of an excellent grade. How? Well, there is a process to follow that helps you write essays quickly without
hampering the quality of your writing. So, here are some tips on how to write essays quickly and efficiently.

1. Understand the topic

Writing an essay without understanding the topic is a waste of time, and your essay will not get you grades. If the topic of the essay seems to be vague or you do not understand any part, do not be afraid to ask the professor to explain it to you. Students often spend hours researching and writing a paper on an entirely different topic than the professor assigned. Asking for clarification on what you do not understand in the assignment does not make you stupid. What is
ridiculous is completing the assignment without understanding it. It does not matter how good the essay is; if it does not answer the question, it will not
get you good grades. Asking the professor for clarification shows that you care about the assignment, and demonstrating a level of engagement with the assignment boosts your grades.

2. Research the topic efficiently

Once you understand the topic, it is time to sit down and do comprehensive research. But be cautious; if you are not careful, research can be a way to procrastinate. To overcome the temptation of procrastination, set a time limit for research. Suppose your essay is five pages long, do not spend more than 2.5 hours maximum on the research. You should not spend more than half an hour per page. Spending more time than this puts you at a point where you do not understand what to write. If you do not have enough information, do not worry, you can always do more research after you start writing. The initial research goal is to give you enough material to start writing. When your research, choose 3 to 5 key sources, read, take your notes, and then start writing.

3. Create an outline

The most common step of the essay writing process that students love to skip is creating an outline. It may seem a waste of time as you write down the essential frame of the essay, which you will then expand into an actual college essay format. Do not skip the outline at any cost. It enables you to structure the essay and organize the chaos in your mind. Write down all the ideas that come to your mind, do not categorize them as awesome or silly; write them down. Now, observe those fragments and connect them into a single outline. Also, when building an outline, do not build a hierarchical one; list the topics you want to tackle first. The outline gives you enough structure to overcome the blank canvas while leaving room for discovery.

4. Create a writing environment

Now you understand the topic, have done your research, and prepared your outline. It is time to sit down and write. But not so fast, where you write makes the difference. After procrastination, the biggest obstacle in writing an essay quickly is a distraction. Suppose you do not have an environment where you can focus. In that case, you will waste hours jumping back and forth between the essay and whatever distractions come your way. Choose a place where people won’t distract you. It would be best if you created a writing environment that allows you to focus on the task. For instance, you can choose a library, an off-campus coffee shop, or your dorm room. Also, you would want a comfortable place to sit and write. Choose a comfy chair and a sturdy table. Put your phone on airplane mode and install an app
that blocks everything on your laptop until you are done writing a certain number of words. In addition to this, block all digital distractions as well.

5. Focus on quality over quantity

If the essay is supposed to be 5 to 7 pages, most students tempt to write seven or even eight pages. They think more is better, but it is wrong. The professors prefer an excellent 5-page essay over a 7-page essay. If you tend to stretch the essay, you may dilute the argument. Moreover, writing more than the minimum page limit, you waste your time and effort as the professor might not be interested in reading it and may not give you a good grade for it. So, it is better to write within the limit. Also, your essay must be good, so writing a minimum amount is better as you can focus on what to write and attain a better grade.

6. Draft and edit separately

Drafting and editing the essay is like multitasking, inefficient and impossible. First, write with your full attention and then edit it. Also, do not stop to look for sources when you are writing. If you do not know something, make a note of it and return it later. It is because if you look up something, it will take you away from writing and more likely to pull you into a rabbit hole that will derail the entire writing process. So, draft the essay first, and when you are done writing everything, then edit it. You can use online tools to edit the essay fast. Smodin is a tool that you can use to edit.

7. Add citations as you write

If you are required to add citations and a bibliography to your essay, do this while you write to save time. Each time you quote the author, add a footnote saying where the quote is from and copy and paste the book’s details into a bibliography at the end of the essay. Doing this will enable you to write the essay quickly, and you do not have to juggle between the references and the essay later when you finish writing. Edit your essay and quickly add the citations without wasting time.

8. Proofreading is essential

When writing an essay, it is good to save some time for proofreading. Proofreading helps you write a better essay and rule out any spelling, grammar, and typos as you write. Once you have finished writing, it is still good to have a quick final read through your essay for a sense check and to ensure it flows well.

9. Use an AI essay writer tool.

No worries; you can use the AI essay writer tool if you find the essay writing process tedious. With the help of the tool, the process of writing an essay is significantly shortened. AI writers generate high-quality essays by analyzing vast amounts of data and providing the most relevant information in an organized way. The tool helps save time and write plagiarism-free essays without spelling, grammar, and style mistakes. AI essay writer helps you write essays faster and provides several other benefits that help enhance your writing ability. The tool uses machine learning and natural language processing to generate the essay based on your inputs. The tool offers you feedback that enables you to improve your writing, so you can make the changes and improve the quality of your work while writing.
The AI writer tool you can use is Smodin Author. Moreover, it helps you write quicker, save time, and submit extraordinary-quality essays that are 100% unique. The AI essay writer is also great for students who are not native English speakers.

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