Computer-assisted writing technology has come a long way. The tools available today can check whether your writing is on brand, use the right tone, is easy to read, varies in vocabulary, and does not include bias. And these are just some of the available things.

Artificial Intelligence is the technology behind these writing assistants. AI can analyze large amounts of data to determine patterns and scan for correct usage, saving digital marketers, bloggers, students, storytellers, and editors time and helping them spot errors in their writing.

Writing good and original content is a huge time investment, but an AI writer helps simplify it enabling you to create content consistently and quickly without losing quality. Moreover, you can automatically generate high-quality content for various use cases.

Here in this article, we will look at all the use cases where you can take the help of the AI writer tool to create content and save a huge number of hours each day.

What is Artificial Intelligence Writing? 

Artificial Intelligence writing is a technology where you give a machine a few instructions that analyze the data set and generate engaging and unique content in your desired format.

The AI writer tool uses natural language processing to understand, learn, and generate content. However, when using the tool, you first need to decide what type of content you want to write. It could be anything from the blog post, essays, articles, product descriptions, a thesis, or an ad. Then, set the parameters for the tool, and within seconds your content is ready. The AI writer assistant generates text by analyzing the content already present on the internet and processes it into engaging and 100% original text.

Let us get started with the use cases of the AI writer tool.

Blog Idea and Outline

Blog idea and outlining is one of the most tedious and time-consuming activities for any content marketer. But with the help of an AI writer, you can easily generate blog topic ideas and even the outline. The tool is highly skilled at coming up with new ideas similar to the relevant topic based on your input. It can do so as it has a large dataset that enables it to understand what your input is and then cleverly put the words together to match your input proving you with a range of ideas for your blog.

Introduction Paragraph Writing 

The introduction paragraph is the limelight of any blog post or an article as it enables you to grab the reader’s attention and make them want to read till the last word. If you find it hard to write the intro, then no worries, AI writer tools are here to help you generate introduction paragraphs straight off the bat. The tool works by using an algorithm that sees what readers want and need and then generates the introduction paragraph that readers are more likely to engage with.

Conclusion Paragraph Writing 

A conclusion paragraph of your content explains to your readers that you have included everything mentioned in the introduction part. It means you are giving your readers the closure they need to make an opinion or decision about your topic. However, many people find writing conclusions intimidating, but AI writer tools are here to assist you. The tool helps you obtain a condensed version of any text covering the main points and converts three or four paragraphs into a short and precise one.

Entire Article Writing 

We all know generating unique articles consistently is time-consuming. However, AI writers can help with that. Lately, they have been creating full articles that include all of the above and more in a streamlined process. The long-form AI writing assistants speed up the process of your writing and you can write your article in real-time.


Emails are a fundamental part of the way companies do business. However, they can drain the marketers’ and business leaders’ valuable time. On average, a person spends 28% of their time reading and writing emails, so AI has the potential to unlock big-time savings. When you send an email you want the recipients to open and read it. One of the best ways to ensure this happens is to write good subject lines, and a stellar email opener and AI writer can help you with that. The tool analyzes your business details and LinkedIn profile to generate a personalized opening line that gets responses.

Social Media Ads, Posts, and E-commerce Text 

Writing ads and posts for social media and generating unique content for e-commerce is an arduous task. But many AI writing tools shine in this category. Ad copy for Google Ads and various social media platforms, social posts, and e-commerce microcopy are low-level types of content that AI writer tools are perfectly capable of producing without errors. Also, the AI writer can fill out your bios and taglines, like on LinkedIn, and product descriptions.

PPC Ad Copy

The world of PPC advertising is not for the faint-hearted. If you do not know what you are doing, you could end up wasting your valuable time and money. To increase the chances of the right people clicking on your ads, you need to learn how to write ad copy that converts. Thankfully, artificial intelligence (AI) writers are here to save the day. AI writer tools help you write enticing ad copies that produce results.

Website Content and Landing Pages

Creating landing pages is easy these days but filling it up with the right content and using the right headings is a challenge, especially for those who are not familiar with SEO or writing for the web. AI writer tools can smartly provide the right outline content you need to get you started on a page that ranks with text, subheadings, and meta descriptions. In addition to this, webpage content or sales copy can also be generated easily.

SEO Meta Descriptions and Titles 

SEO meta titles appear in the head section of a web page and the description is the content that describes what the page and its content is about. To write meta descriptions and titles you need to follow the character limit and within it, you must write engaging content. This is the dreaded part. AI writer tool can help you generate meta descriptions and titles for any page, blog, or website.

With the AI writer tool, you can also generate business idea pitches, job descriptions, interview questions, questions and answers, SMS and notifications, story plots, song lyrics, testimonials, video descriptions, video channel descriptions, and much more.

The best AI writer to use is the Smodin AI Writer tool. It helps you generate all types of content mentioned above with ease and quickly. The free and intuitive tool helps you write high-quality and unique copy with just a click of a button and within a few seconds.

The tool understands your target audience and generates relevant, unique, and engaging content saving your time.

Using Smodin AI writer is simple. All you need to do is input a small amount of text and watch the tool generate original and relevant content as per your needs. However, to produce relevant content, first, decide what you want to write and think about the subject you want to work on. Then, write two to three sentences or the minimum required characters for the AI tool to work with. When done copy and paste the content in the AI writer tool and hit on generate text. When the tool gives you back the content, review it to find out any errors or tweak the content as you like.

The Smodin AI Writer is designed for use by everyone who wants to generate unique and relevant content quickly and consistently. The tool is completely automated and generates text in more than 50 languages. So, do not waste your time, effort, or money on complicated programs, use the Smodin AI Writer now and save your time.


Various leading firms, students, and advertisers have taken a step ahead by delegating the task of content writing to an artificial intelligence tool based on Natural Language Processing. Such tools seamlessly integrate into your existing architecture and save you a huge number of hours each day. The AI writer tools are secure, and reliable, and work according to the fed data in a structured format, which thoroughly analyzes and generates content in conversational language. The Smodin AI writer is the best one to use to generate content as it is easy to learn and produces natural, engaging, and 100% original copy to support your content needs.