Plagiarism in blog posts, articles, social media ads, student assignments, and thesis is not a new problem. The ease of access to the published information online allows anybody to copy and paste the content of other authors without permission and pretend to be the author of the stolen content.

Using content written by others is intentional plagiarism, however, sometimes it occurs unintentionally too. Plagiarism not only occurs when you steal other authors’ thoughts, ideas, or expressions, but it also occurs when you copy some part of your past written content, which is known as self-plagiarism. Also, if you copy a quote or phrase without proper citation, it leads to patchwork plagiarism.

Plagiarizing content is not an acceptable phenomenon in any of the fields whether you are a social media expert, blogger, storyteller, or student. The consequences one can face are strict.

The massive use of the internet has made an easy path for plagiarism. But it also has paved the way to detect plagiarism through plagiarism detection tools to help curb the spread of duplicate content.

When Does Plagiarism Appear in The Content?

There are various types of plagiarism. Look below to know what these types are.

  • You copied someone else’s content without citation.
  • While using a citation you do not use proper punctuation.
  • You used a quote in the content without quotation marks.
  • You paraphrased the content too close to the source.
  • Used the images, videos, and music without getting permission.
  • You used the entire article or thesis pretending you are the writer.
  • Rewrite the content by paraphrasing some words but the sentence form is the same.
  • You write your thoughts, but they match with something written previously.

No matter the reason for plagiarism, it is not appropriate to copy someone’s work. That is why plagiarism checker tools are very popular among students, teachers, content managers, and publishers.

Significance of Plagiarism

Plagiarism is an offense and is dealt with strictly. If a student copies content, it could lead to rescinding its reputation. Universities treat it as academic misconduct leading to temporary suspension and fines. In severe cases, it can lead to permanent termination.

If a writer or business organization is found plagiarizing ideas, it can result in a legal proceeding under copyright law or asked to resign from their position.

If online writers or bloggers are found plagiarizing content, it is detrimental to their reputation. They are subject to penalties, the website can be banned, destroys imagination and creativity, the restriction is imposed on publishing frequency, harms traffic and bounce rate, and readers lose trust in your writing.

How to Avoid Plagiarism?

If plagiarism is such a terrible activity, then how can we make sure that what we are writing is absolutely 100% unique? Well, the rule of thumb is to present your ideas and write the content yourself.

There are various other ways to avoid the issue of duplicate content. Keep a record of the research material so you can cite the content accurately, use quotation marks where necessary, proofread and edit the content, and paraphrase the content correctly or use a paraphrasing tool to avoid plagiarism.

To ensure that you are not committing any literary theft when writing the content, try to make use of an online plagiarism tool to check the plagiarism.

PDF is the most widely used file format as it does not have compatibility issues, but can plagiarism be detected on PDF files?

Well, the answer is yes, there are various plagiarism tools present that help you detect plagiarism in PDF file formats.

A PDF plagiarism checker is a special software that helps identify plagiarism in PDF files while most plagiarism checker tools work with word documents only.

The high-quality plagiarism PDF checker tool sees both the visual and the text layer the PDF document comprises of. So, it can easily find similar content and provide a reference to the original content

How Does the Perfect Plagiarism Detector Tool Look Like?

What are the qualities of a perfect plagiarism PDF checker tool? Several options help for easy and efficient work with this tool.

An efficient plagiarism tool can steer clear of the plagiarism cheating techniques such as synonymizing, using Latin letters, changing spaces with invisible characters, or other unfair methods to make the content look unique.

  • An easy-to-use program with a simple interface ensures convenience and saves time.
  • The PDF plagiarism checker permits working with a vast bulk of information without any payments.
  • Quality assurance lets you confirm the uniqueness of the checking report.
  • The PDF plagiarism checker tool can scan and detect plagiarism in various file formats.
  • The software provides a task-oriented and detailed report.

The perfect plagiarism detector tool to use is provided by Smodin. It offers all the above options and is powered by AI to detect any instances of plagiarized content in the PDF files like business documents, websites, academic writing, and more.

It compares content from internal documents, student work, and websites pages against billions of pages on the internet to find the most relevant results and evidence of copied content.

Smodin’s online plagiarism tool uses the power of machine learning to analyze the content that has been manipulated and detect similar, identical or paraphrased versions of the content. What other online plagiarism software cannot detect is what Smodin can help you find. Moreover, you receive a comprehensive report with a comparison of similar content passages.

The Smodin plagiarism checker is a free-to-use tool, mostly used by students, teachers, bloggers, social media experts, SEO agencies, law and legal firms, and other business organizations to detect the issue of plagiarism in the content and stay away from the consequences.

How to Use Smodin Plagiarism Checker Tool?

Anyone with simple expertise and a computer and internet connection can use it. One just needs to upload the PDF file and click the Check for Plagiarism button. The rest is done by the tool. It works by searching the internet database for the potential copied sources and includes citation and bibliography information automatically for plagiarized sources.



The Auto-citation feature enables you to cite content from plagiarized sources to give credit to the authors and avoid content duplication. The tool offers citations in over 50 languages and popular citation styles.

Multi-Layered Search Capability 

Smodin has the best plagiarism checker tool with search capabilities that extend past simple identical text matches. It helps filter the plagiarism searches as per your needs and receive a customized report each time.

100% Safe and Secure 

Smodin free online plagiarism checker does not save your data. All the files and documents checked with our plagiarism checker are 100% safe and secure. The reports generated are deleted instantly.

Multiple Files Support

Our tool allows you to check various file formats like the .doc, .docx, .txt or .pdf files at once. Checking multiple documents for plagiarism does not decrease the speed of checking. In addition to this, you can compare documents to check for plagiarism between them.

Easy to Use 

This plagiarism checker is designed such that users can easily understand the results of checked content. You will see the results of the text in real time and within a few minutes. You can also generate reports for your checked content.

Multi-Language Capability

Smodin can detect plagiarism in more than 50 languages. The feature allows you to check plagiarism in languages other than English. Whether you write content in Chinese, Bengali, Arabic, Japanese, Filipino, French, Greek, Hebrew, Russian, Italian, German, Polish, Swedish, Estonian, Spanish, Tamil, Urdu, or Telugu, you can check the content easily.

Importance of a Reliable Plagiarism Detector

Smodin’s plagiarism detector tool gives the final approval that your content or academic thesis is 100% unique. It is incredibly important today that many people forget to check for plagiarism when producing online content or content for the university/college. Whether two or two million people read your content, it is vital to check for plagiarism against multiple online sources. Using the tool, you will have 100% certainty that the content is unique. Using a plagiarism detector is as common as checking for spelling errors, and with Smodin, we do the hard work for you by showing you how to check plagiarism if you have never done it before. All you need to do is upload the content, and within seconds you will have a comprehensive report of your submitted text.


Yes, plagiarism can be easily detected on PDF files as there are various tools available that support this file format. But the best tool among the lot is Smodin plagiarism checker software. It uses machine learning to detect duplicate content, generate an accurate report, and even auto-cite the text to help you stay away from plagiarism. Before you submit your work and for the best anti-plagiarism results, use this best plagiarism checker to refrain from the consequences of duplicate content.