Making a well-researched outline is an essential step in the content creation process. And this task is made easier and faster with a content outline generator. A content outline is a detailed mapping of the content that includes all the major themes and topics to discuss. It is a structure for writing your article, blog, or other content.

If you are a marketer generating an outline for the writers, the outline you prepare must cover the target audience, article objective, USP, and approach angle. As a result, the writer will understand how to create content that matches your intent. Marketers and writers can avoid the manual process by using an outline generator tool. The same applies to writers or students who need to prepare outlines for essays or storylines. This not only arranges the critical topics in the correct order, saving you time but also accelerates the production process.

Making a content outline also ensures that the content flows smoothly, attracting readers and motivating them to read it all the way through. On the other hand, manual outline generation can be hectic, and one may only sometimes have the time or patience required.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the best content outline generators to deliver the results your business requires.


When to use content outlines?


 All forms of writing utilize outlines. It isn’t just for creating blog posts or articles, though those are some of their most common uses. The good news is that numerous outline generators, some better than others, can serve as your go-to tool for your outline needs. If you:


  1. Have writer’s block and are having difficulty creating an outline
  2. Unsure of how to organize your main points
  3. Need more time to outline from scratch.
  4. Need assistance with brainstorming ideas.


It would help if you looked into outline generators. Below, we’ve listed some of the best ones in both the free and paid categories.


Best Content Outline Generators

The ten best content outline generation tools, their key features, and pricing are listed below.


Smodin Author


Smodin Author is one of the most versatile content-generation tools available. It is an excellent tool for creating content briefs or outlines. It provides personalized SEO insights using cutting-edge AI technology, ensuring that the content you’re about to write ranks higher. This tool offers marketers and writers data-driven recommendations for increasing traffic to their content. The software will generate unique outlines and create more if they are dissatisfied with the results.


Smodin Author is relatively easy to use and can even be used by students of any educational level to generate essay outlines quickly. Furthermore, no software or programming knowledge is required, nor is it necessary to be a data scientist to use the tool. The platform is fully automated and can generate content outlines in over 100 different languages.


The following are the steps to get started with Smodin Author:


  1. Go to the main website and start with it right away
  2. Type your topic in a sentence or two, using at least the minimum required character count.
  3. Click the text generator button.
  4. A Smodin writer will write the essay outline for you.
  5. Review and edit it, or use only the parts you want, and you’re good to go.


The Smodin tool can create various content, including coursework, term papers, blog ideas and outlines, introductions, conclusions, PPC ad copies, product descriptions, social media advertisements, novels, lyrics, reviews, stories, website content, and much more. Smodin 

Author is an excellent choice if you need a content outline generator to help create comprehensive, well-organized posts.


Smodin Author Pricing 

Starter pack- 0 /month

Essentials- $10/ month

Productive- $29/ month



WriterZen is created to make writing more convenient and efficient. It includes AI writing assistance, SEO analysis, keyword research, and optimization. This set of tools allows you to create high-quality posts that rank well in search engines. WriterZen is a fantastic online tool for creating SEO-optimized content outlines. The interface is user-friendly and convenient. It encourages you to expand and detail your outlines to tailor them to your specific goals and requirements.


WriterZen Pricing 

Basic- $27/ month

Standard- $41/ month

Advanced- $69/ month



This INK Outline generator is a very advanced and fantastic tool that you can use. It gives you five credits per day to generate content with AI. Like the previous tools, you only need to provide the topic of your content and a brief description, and it will handle the rest. Ink conducts an in-depth analysis of your topic to create an outline with intelligent headings. Marketers and bloggers use this app to generate multiple content outlines for a single topic. As a result, one can go through all of them and select the most appealing and appropriate one. This tool creates multiple variations of content outlines, and you can choose the one that appeals to you the most. It thoroughly analyses your topic and intelligently generates blog headings for you. Not only can you use them to write blog outlines but also to write product descriptions and ad copy.


INK Pricing 


Professional- $39 /month

Enterprise- $99 /month



Writesonic is an excellent tool for creating content outlines, providing various options. You can select from multiple templates, formats, and styles to create the ideal piece of content. Furthermore, Writesonic’s AI engine guarantees high-quality output with every use. It’s quick and straightforward to use and allows you to quickly and easily create high-quality content.


Writesonic Pricing 


Free Trial- $0 /month

Long-form- $12.67/month

Custom Plan- Contact Sales




Writecream reduces the time and effort required to research blog topics and increases your product input. It also supports text output in over 75 languages. It allows you to create captivating blog outlines for free. You can select any outlines immediately or continue generating until the output matches your expectations. Bloggers can access this cloud platform through web browsers or by downloading smartphone apps for Android and iPhone.


Writecream Pricing 


Free- $0 /month

Standard- $49 /month

Extended- $69 /month



Simplified is another free online website where you can generate content outlines. It uses the topic of your post to generate an outline of the content you’ll be able to copy and paste anywhere. It creates a bullet list of headings or subheadings you must cover in the upcoming article. One advantage of using this content outline generator is that it can generate content in multiple languages and create variations of content outlines. You can easily re-run this tool to develop a new set of content outlines for your article.


Simplified Pricing 


Free Forever- $0 /month

Small Team- $21/ month

Business- $35/ month

Growth- $85/ month


StoryLab AI 

By generating outlines for their blogs and articles, StoryLab AI helps writers create better articles. Finding the perfect blog outline that will set it apart from the crowd can be difficult. In such cases, this online tool comes in handy by suggesting what to include in an article. By clicking the “Inspire me” button, you can describe your product or keyword and receive a content brief. This platform employs artificial intelligence to suggest what to include in your blog. Though adding the topic or company name is optional, it aids this app in providing a more comprehensive outline. Furthermore, you can use Blog Outline Generator as often as you like on your way to writing an excellent article.


StoryLab AI Pricing 


Free- $0 /month

Starter- $5/ month

Pro- $15/ month

Unlimited- $19/ month



Frase is an AI-powered content writing tool that eliminates the guesswork in creating SEO content. The developers have been updating its features regularly to make writing, researching, and optimizing content more accessible for people. Frase lets you cover writing guidelines, SERP results for research, topics, headers, and keyword-based questions from Quora and Reddit. This allows you to create a very detailed brief, which is ideal for content writing agencies. You can share the briefs as their documents, eliminating the need for writers to open the editor or sign in to Frase to use them. With its simple interface, you can quickly and easily create high-quality content outlines.


Frase Pricing 


Solo- $14.99 /month

Basic- $44.99/ month

Team- $114.99/ month




SurferSEO’s free content outline generator is similar to the other tools on the list, but it can even write the first paragraph for you. The Outline tab contains Surfer SEO’s Outline Builder, which includes AI-generated headings and content you could use in your content if you want to. It also consists of questions and suggestions for you to consider. For the time being, no signup or registration is required to use it; enter a topic, and it will generate an entire outline for you that you can use to write your content. 


SurferSEO Pricing 

Basic- $49/ month

Pro- $99/ month

Business- $199/ month

Enterprise- Contact for custom price




Rytr is one of the most efficient free platforms for creating content outlines. It takes your primary keywords or keywords and generates a content outline for you to complete. You can have it generate multiple variations of the outline if you want. The best part is that it generates a blog title in addition to the outline. Rytr has a fantastic collection of content-generation tools you can use in your blog writing. It includes a blog title generator as well as a blog idea generator. And once you’ve decided on a topic to write about, you can generate an essay outline by specifying it.


Ryte Pricing 

Free forever- $0 /month

Pro- $ 119.9/ month

Business- $ 499.9/ month




There are countless content outline generators available online, and we have compiled a list of the best for you. Instead of worrying about formatting and organization, using an outline can assist you in focusing on writing great content for your blog, stories, essays, or even homework. The right outline generator can save you significant time, so thoroughly examining each tool and what it offers is worthwhile. That way, you can be confident that you’re utilizing the best 

AI-powered features.

Smodin Author, as an AI-powered tool, speeds up the content outline creation process. It takes tone, keywords, length, and topic into account and generates content for you in less time than it takes to write from scratch. Try Smodin Author today.