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Whether you need APA, MLA, ISO690, Chicago, or more citations in English or other languages, our free online citation generator can produce it with the click of a button. Citations are required in published written works for validity and to avoid plagiarism. Using the correct citation style is equally important because if you insert the citation incorrectly, it could be considered invalid and could be marked for plagiarism.

Understanding Citations and Online Citation Generators

Here’s everything you need to know to fully understand how citation generators work, why you should use citations in your work, and the difference between each style.

What are in-text citations?

In-text citations are used to show the source material you’ve quoted or paraphrased. It’s used for short, readable statements in contrast to the references page at the back of your essay, which refers to several sources that you’ve used as references but not necessarily quoted or paraphrased. In-text citation generators like ours produce citations in the format you need with precision. Many of these types of citations work similarly, by providing the author’s name and the year of publishing for the text you’re citing. For example, a proper in-text citation might look like this: “This is an example sentence (Johnson, 1967).” Or even like this: “Johnson states this is an example sentence (1967).” Some citations require more information, like the other author’s names, page numbers, and titles of the work being cited. The exact criteria vary depending on the citation style you require.

What Can I Cite?

Cite Essays

Cite Books

Cite Websites

Cite Messages

Cite Letters

Cite Documents

Cite Legal Documents

Cite Technical Documents

Cite Blogs

Cite Webpages

Cite Articles

Cite Blog Article

Cite Research Papers

Cite Papers

Cite Dissertations

Cite Assignments

Cite Text

Cite Paragraphs

Cite Sentences

Cite Manuscripts

Cite Things

Cite Research

Cite Manuals

Cite Novels

Cite Publications

Cite Textbooks

Cite Writing

Cite Homework

Does the online citation generator also produce citations for the References page?

Yes, our citation generator API produces in-text and reference page citations with ease and in the style of your choosing. Reference page citations are equally important as in-text citations and should never be ignored. If you have an in-text citation, then you must follow that citation into the references page; there cannot be one without the other. In-text and reference page citations should also follow the same style. Our citation generator will produce both types of citations for your work, helping you avoid the stress of figuring out what a citation should look like and which style to follow.

What exactly are reference page citations?

The reference page lives at the end of your assignment, the very last page. It is not confined to just a single page; it can span across a series of pages if necessary. The length of the reference page depends on the number of sources you’ve used within the text. This page includes all citations used within your paper and is used by reviewers and readers to quickly view your sources. Every source you cite within the text must appear here on the reference page. The title of this page reflects its purpose: it contains all of the material you referenced when writing your essay. It’s required for academic publications, to avoid plagiarism, and to verify the information you’ve written is true. Reference page citations are much longer than in-text citations. Though formatting changes depending on the citation style, they will generally contain the author(s), the title of source material, date, and edition. Our reference citation generator will quickly guide you through the process of creating proper citations in any format.

What content should I use the citation generator with?

All sources used in a writing assignment should be cited, whether it remains only on the reference page or with in-text citations is dependent on your use. Websites, textbooks, novels, and all other written or referenceable content needs to be cited. That includes streaming videos on YouTube, songs, and other media. If you use a live reference like a personal interview, then you must still cite who the material originated from and how it was obtained at least narratively, In short, nearly all content can be cited. More difficult citations include media and websites. For these, a citation generator is incredibly helpful. The generator can pull all relevant information from the source link and produce a citation that fits the style needed, helping you avoid the headache and time wasted on rigorously searching a webpage for source information.

Who uses citation generators most?

Citation generators are mostly used by students, as this group of people is overloaded with assignments that require citations. Journalists and other writers also require citations, but the vast majority are students. From language and grammar courses to science classes, students are required to write countless papers. For each of these reports, citations are necessary in the style most preferred by the educator. It can be difficult when a student is assigned multiple essays by different teachers who each require their style of citation. An online citation generator can speed up the writing process for students, providing correct in-text citations and reference page citations in seconds in the style they need. This tool is designed to help students avoid errors and produce quality content that adheres to publication standards. Journalists, textbook authors, and scientific researchers also use citations often. While these are professions, it shouldn’t be implied that members of each profession are expert citation writers. Even for them, citation generators take the confusion and questioning out of writing proper citations. Arguably, it’s even more important that professionals use online citation generators because their published material carries more weight than a student’s. In any situation, citations are incredibly important for all written work and should not be ignored or left to question.

The Benefits of Using a Citation Generator

The major benefit of using an online in-text citation generator or a reference generator is avoiding mistakes in your citations. It helps writers stay compliant and avoid unintentional plagiarism. Another benefit of using this tool is to learn how to write proper citations and recognize your own mistakes. Of course, you can use this tool infinitely without the worry of incorrectly citing a source. But for some users, learning what a proper citation looks like for a given source is equally valuable as receiving it. Some sources are missing information, and other types of sources (e.g., textbook, short story, article) can be confusing to properly write. Which information should you use? Which information should you leave out? Who is the main author? Which year do you need to cite if it’s been republished? What do you do with page numbers? These are all valid questions that can easily be answered when provided with the proper citation. You can take that citation and compare it with the source to learn exactly what information was pulled and what can be ignored. This will help you generate your citations in the future without the need for an online resource (though this tool will always be available when you need it).

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