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How Accurate is Smodin's AI Content Detection?

91% of AI documents are considered AI content, 99% of Human documents are considered Human.
Disclaimer: Results differ slightly by language and come from our test results, actual results may vary.

Smodin's AI Content Detection

Smodin's AI content detector is an advanced tool that can distinguish between human-written content and text generated by ChatGPT, Bard, or other AI tools. Even professional writers, students, and educators rely on Smodin to screen their work for digital manipulation and ensure its authenticity.

Anyone can easily get started using our service by uploading their text. After a simple analysis, our AI will determine the text's uniqueness. Our algorithms will quickly produce a report addressing any concerns and offering suggestions on improving the text.

When you need to ensure that your work is original and authentic, consider using our AI text detector. Using this service will help you avoid the negative consequences of plagiarism or lack of originality, like losing your reputation. This is perfect for businesses, educators and students to use.

Recommended usage and tips for using AI detection tools effectively

Use it as a preventive measure: It's best to use AI detection tools as a preventive measure to avoid potential issues with plagiarism or content manipulation. Make sure to check the text before publishing or submitting it, rather than relying on the tool as a remedy after the fact.

Use it as a supplement: AI detection tools are not perfect and may not catch every instance of AI-generated text. In some instances, a short piece of human-written content might be detected as AI-written, leading to a false positive. Therefore, it is best to use them as a supplement to your analysis rather than rely solely on them.

Check for tone and style consistency: AI detection tools can also help identify changes in tone or style within a text. This is helpful for content creators who want to ensure that their writing is consistent and flows smoothly.

Know the limitations: While AI detection tools are getting better, they still have limitations. They may not be able to differentiate between highly sophisticated AI-generated text and text written by humans with a similar style.

Why Use an AI content Detector Tool?

AI content detection tools ensure the authenticity and originality of written works. Texts can be easily falsified using machine learning and algorithms; this can lead to plagiarism and harm reputations in education and professional life. AI content detection software like Smodin's can detect originality by analyzing text and determining whether an AI or human created it. This software is helpful to authors and other content creators by suggesting how to improve their text.

What does Smodin's AI Content Detector Do?

Identify if the text is partially or fully created by an AI model such as ChatGPT or other machine learning models.
Determine the level of human involvement in the creation of the text
Detect if the text has inconsistencies in tone or style that may indicate parts generated by an AI model.
Classify the text as either entirely human-written or containing parts generated by AI or GPT.
Analyze the sentiment of the text and detect if it was generated by a machine.
Determine the level of complexity in the text and detect if it was created by an AI language model or a human.
Detect if the text contains factual errors that are common in AI-generated text.
Detect if the content was written by a human or generated by a computer program.
The text Likely Human was written in contains parts generated by AI or GPT.
It's Probably a Human Written Work with parts created by AI or GPT.
Check for spelling and grammar errors that may indicate machine-generated text

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