Students face many challenges when it comes to academic writing. With constant deadlines, packed class schedules, numerous subjects, and extracurriculars, producing high-quality essays and articles for homework and assignments can be difficult. This complexity only increases when diving deeper into research topics.

International students have the added barrier of writing in a non-native language. Juggling all these demands can lead to burnout, stress, and pressure to excel at writing papers.

This is where multilingual AI writers can help. While AI cannot replace original thought, these tools can help you save time and convey ideas clearly. Students can also maintain their authentic voice and insights while benefiting from AI assistance with research, formatting, and more.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of seven best multilingual AI writers. Whether drafting a research paper, dissertation, or assignment, these tools can make the writing process more manageable.

Let’s get started…

1. is a multilingual AI writer that helps you address writing challenges like filling conceptual gaps, avoiding information overload, and correct phrasing. It helps you generate high-quality, plagiarism-free AI essays and articles in just a few steps within minutes. It works as a research assistant, offers APA and MLA formats, and a lot more.

AI-powered research assistant offers a robust research feature to enhance your academic writing. It aims to make your writing more insightful, practical and research-oriented.

  • It makes your research process ten times faster, saving you time sifting through data.
  • It helps you find statistics and relevant sources in seconds, ensuring that you have the correct information backed by data for your project.
  • It helps find references accurately, ensuring correct citations for your work.
  • Streamlines your research focus by skimming through content and saving you from reading irrelevant content.
  • It helps you find counterarguments to enhance the depth of your research.

Supports 100+ languages

Smodin helps you write in 100+ languages. This also means you can write in your language and translate it into the language accepted at your academic institution. This helps you write your papers well and ensures that all information is preserved in translation. You can also explore resources available in different languages.

AI Writing

This tool offers you help in writing various kinds of text, including essays, research papers, articles, and so much more. Article V1 is designed to generate low-cost content from top-ranking sites on the internet. V2 provides well-structured content that combines information from various sources and gives a comprehensively discussed article.


This feature blends the capabilities of Google and ChatGPT to provide clear insights into the sources of the content generated by your Smodin AI writer.

  • You get access to Google search results to ensure the accuracy of the content
  • Enables transparency and accountability by tracing the source of the AI-generated text
  • Helps you create content instantly on specific topics, generate questions about any concepts, find quotes and facts

AI Feedback and Grader

This feature gives feedback on your article and grades your article based on rubrics used in colleges worldwide. The AI Grading creates a standardized grading process to promote equality in the grading system for all students.

Smodin Omni–Homework tool

This tool answers your homework questions. It provides relevant content for your answers, finds your images, and gives valuable explanations within seconds. It helps you solve Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology questions.

Other features

Smodin offers features that help you detect plagiarism and correct grammar, acts as a translator, offers multiple language options, speech-to-text, subtitle translations for YouTube videos, news documentaries, etc., and image-to-text conversion.


  • Using this tool, you can write, translate, and convert speech and images to text in more than 100 languages, which removes the language barrier for international students.
  • It is highly user-friendly and has a UI that is exceptionally easy to navigate.
  • It provides comprehensive writing features to help users write well while maintaining the structure of the writing style required—for example, research paper writing tools, article writing tools, etc.
  • They provide exceptional customer service. According to users, the customer service team goes the extra mile to help the users.
  • Article 2.0 is one of the most popular features of Smodin, which helps users create high-quality articles and provides references for studying further in any language you want.
  • Smodin uses NLP technology to write content that provides intelligent suggestions, checks grammar, analyzes texts and enhances writing to the next level.


Smodin offers three pricing plans:

  1. Free Limited Standard plan: It has two writing credits per day, five daily entries for rewriter, plagiarism checker, and translator, and 1000 Characters per text for rewriting and plagiarism checks.
  2. Essential plan at $10/month: This plan offers 100 Writing Credits, unlimited rewrites, and plagiarism checks, 1000 characters per text, and access to all Author features.
  3. Productive plan at $29/month: 500 Writing Credits per month and up to 12,000 characters per text, access to Long-Form AI Writing, and rewrite up to 1 million characters using credits.

2. is an AI writing tool that helps create diverse content, including blogs, marketing content, company profiles, product descriptions, emails, landing pages, social media copies, captions, etc. It offers templates to help you create content like long-form blog posts, customer responses, etc. It uses GPT-3 technology to create content.

50+ templates offers 50+ templates for you to choose from. Some prominent templates include ‘Explain it to a 5th grader’, which rephrases difficult-to-read content. It also has a content improver, which improves a content piece and makes it interesting to read.

They have platform-specific templates like Facebook headlines, LinkedIn personal bio, company bio, Amazon product features, etc. You can also use prompts to customize your templates for your specific needs and your preferred language.

Browser Extension browser extension brings the tool’s power to your Chrome or Edge browser and helps you improve, correct, write, and rephrase text and any form of content right on the browser.

Art and Image generation

This feature helps you create images for your texts, ads, social media, and website in just a few minutes. All you have to do is give clear and precise prompts for the AI to generate the apt image for your requirement.


  • It has 50+ templates that fine-tune your writing and help you produce good-quality content.
  • It is easy to use, even for newbies who are new to writing and using AI tools for writing.
  • Its SEO feature is an added benefit for marketers, which helps them create SEO-optimized content for marketing needs.


  • Getting new ideas on specific topics gets tricky after a few prompts.
  • It is better suited for marketers’ needs and needs to be more student-focused, like Smodin.
  • They have an okay-okay customer service and can improve in the area.
  • Users feel that the pricing is high given that the output of free tools like ChatGPT and Bard is almost identical to Jasper’s.

Pricing Plans

Jasper has three pricing plans:

  1. Business plan: This plan offers advanced features of Jasper customized to the needs of the business. Price is provided upon request.
  2. Teams Plan at $99 per month: This plan includes three users, unlimited access to all the features, three brand voices, and custom template options.
  3. Creator plan at $39 per month includes only 1 user, 50 templates, 1 brand voice, and 50 knowledge assets.

3. Writesonic

Powered by Chat GPT 3.5 and 4, Writesonic is one good AI writing tool that helps you create content using internet data.

It offers you not just content creation but also audio, image, and chatbot development as well. It integrated with Surfer SEO to offer SEO-optimized content using the latest keyword and SERP data.

80+ writing tools

Like Jasper, Writesonic also offers you help in writing for specific platforms and requirements. It has an SEO tool, an E-commerce tool, Ads and marketing, a website content tool, multilingual support, and so much more.


Chatsonic is Writesonic’s AI chat assistant that offers a human-like conversation experience to users. It takes information from the internet and uses live data to get the most accurate response possible. It also has personality features like teachers, coaches, etc., allowing the chatbot to behave like the chosen personality.


Botsonic is designed to address customer queries and interactions. It understands customer’s responses and responds accordingly in a more human-like manner. It helps businesses to provide personalized recommendations, engage users and offer them solutions.


  • It helps professionals create content on particular topics and offers features that help businesses and professionals expand their reach and services.
  • It has a user-friendly and intuitive design
  • The Chatsonic is a handy feature for anyone in need of offering chat service 24/7 on their behalf.


  • There is a word limit for each month, which restricts users, especially marketers in need of extensive content creation
  • The tool can use some more improvements in terms of content creation. For example, users need help getting detailed answers, and the tool only provides 50-word answer.


It has three pricing plans and a monthly free trial of 10,000 words per user.

  1. Unlimited plan at $16 per user per month: Suitable for freelancers, it offers 100+ templates, browser extension, Zapier integration, and more.
  2. The business plan at $12.67 per user per month: It offers 200000 words per user, factual and personalized AI writer, five brand voices, etc.
  3. Enterprise plan, price on request: This offers everything in the business plan: custom AI model training, premium support, custom API development, more users, etc.

4. Wordtune

Wordtune is an AI-powered reading and writing tool that helps create professional content. It focuses on writing and doesn’t offer too many distracting features apart from writing. It helps create focused pieces for emails, messages, and marketing needs.

Writing Assistant

This feature personalizes your writing, using statistical data, facts, and even jokes. It helps in creating content true to your style with AI suggestions. You also get multilingual support for writing in different languages with Wordtune.

Create with AI

This allows you to control your content creation process and offers personalized templates for emails, LinkedIn, writing for social media, etc.

AI Answer

This feature helps you build your personalized knowledge base on the Wordtune library. It provides answers to questions from trusted sources.


  • The grammar correction feature works wonders when writing grammatically correct content.
  • Improving the writing to make it reader-appropriate and adding layman terminology is good.


  • Offers only ten rewrites per day in the free trial.
  • It is a little expensive compared to other tools, according to users
  • Suggestions can improve a little as sometimes they don’t make sense

Pricing plans

It offers three plans and a free plan that allows ten rewrites, three AI prompts, and three daily summaries.

  1. Plus plan at $9.99 per month: This plan offers 30 rewrites, 5, prompts, 5 summaries, unlimited text corrections, and recommendations
  2. Unlimited plan at $14. 99 per month: This plan has unlimited rewrites, prompts, summaries, etc., and premium support.
  3. Business plan (price on request): Everything unlimited, SAML SSO, brand tone, dedicated account manager, centralized billing, and traceless security mode.

5. Frase is a marketer-focused AI writing tool with an emphasis on SEO. It helps you generate exceptional content for Google ranking and offers SEO research to help you outline and optimize your content. This can be a highly useful tool for marketing students looking for ways to practice and learn SEO practices.

SEO writing, auditing, and monitoring

It offers extensive SEO support, whether it is keyword or topic search. It also helps create FAQ schema for your articles by compiling questions from various sources. Apart from planning, it also helps you write SEO optimized content. It suggests auditing your already published content, like keyword count, adding extra topics to the content, etc.

AI-generated content briefs

Frase helps you generate unlimited content briefs in a blink. It takes care of the details in the briefs, SERP, top questions asked by the audience, statistics, etc., to ensure that it covers all SEO requirements.

Frase Answer Engine

This AI-based chatbot crawls your website to learn and generates an intelligent knowledge base to answer user questions. The best part is it is extremely easy to set up your website and create a chatbot for your website that answers visitor queries.


  • Frase is an excellent SEO content tool that handles your SEO marketing needs and fills content gaps on your website.
  • Content optimization and customer engagement are exceptional
  • The multilingual support helps marketers create for targeting hyper-local audiences.


  • The AI writer is not very efficient and starts producing similar results after 2-3 prompts
  • It has a learning curve, and it takes time to understand how to use the tool fully and incorporate it in the workflows. Navigating the website is also difficult.
  • It is not suitable for students if they want to pursue researched writing, assignments, or non-marketing academic work.

Pricing Plan

Frase has three pricing plans

  • Solo at $14.99 per month: This plan allows 1 user to write and optimize 4 articles per month
  • Basic plan at $44.99 per month: This plan allows 1 user to write and optimize 30 articles per month.
  • Team plan at $114.99 per month: This plan allows 3 users to write and optimize unlimited articles per month

6. Copymate

Copymate is another AI-powered SEO content generator tool that helps you. It is a multi-lingual content tool like the Smodin tool. It aims to generate unique and high-quality content for different content needs.

Bulk Generator

The bulk generator allows you to write unlimited articles simultaneously to reduce the content generation time. Copymate also supports multiple languages and allows you to create content in the preferred language.

WordPress Integration

This integration simplifies the writing and publishing for you. You can create articles and publish them directly on your WordPress.

SEO optimization

It helps you create SEO-optimized, high-quality, engaging content that drives organic traffic to your website.


  • It streamlines the copywriting process and offers quick crafting of excellent sales emails and landing pages.
  • The tool is straightforward to use fast


  • The content generated sometimes differs from what is required and needs additional adjustments or editing.
  • It limits your text length and allows only 8 H2 headers

Pricing Plans

  • Copymate has 2 plans and gives tokens for you to buy features
  • Free plan: 10 tokens, 16,000 words, unlimited projects, WordPress integration and multi-language support.
  • Basic plan at $29: 45 tokens per month, 80,000 words, and all free plan features

7. TextCortex AI

TextCortex AI is a comprehensive app that offers different tools to communicate, collaborate, and create content. It claims to reduce the workload of copywriters by 70% while creating authentic business content.


It is a fully customizable AI companion that adapts to your unique communication needs and offers a personalized intelligence experience to users

Zeno Assistant

This AI writing assistant helps you with spelling and grammar, drafting the text, and expanding or summarizing it. It also helps you generate meeting notes and find essential messages from sales calls, research, etc.

Bullet to Mail

This feature helps you create an email in just three bullet points. It carefully adds reach out reasons, CTAs, and value propositions to the crafted piece.


  • Provides you with fully optimized, unique content. It has exceptional text analysis capabilities, as per the users.
  • It has a user-friendly interface that makes inputs easy and data manageable. The intuitive design makes it easy for everyone to use.
  • It supports multiple languages and can handle various text formats
  • It offers a customizable API that seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows.


  • Users feel the need for a flexible pricing model that accommodates the requirements of a broader range of users.
  • Rephrasing a text becomes difficult when you have to choose tone, style, and length for each paragraph separately

Pricing plan

It offers free use for users to see which features work for them. Apart from this, there are 2 pricing plans

  • Free plan: This gives you 20 creations/ day, 3 custom personas, 3 knowledge bases, paraphrasing, etc.
  • Lite plan at $23.99: Everything in the free plan and 2800 creations/month, 10 custom personas and knowledge base, 2 GB storage and more.
  • Unlimited plan at $83.99: Every feature with unlimited access.

Why should you use a multilingual AI writer?

A Real Time-Saver

A multilingual AI tool can greatly expedite your research process by efficiently skimming through vast online resources. It can read and summarize lengthy, complex research papers for you, picking out the main points and essence of the study so you don’t have to go through the full papers yourself. The AI can also identify relationships and similarities between sources and your own work.

For example, if you’re writing a paper about the global environmental impact of a certain pollutant, there are likely countless existing research papers on climate change to comb through. A multilingual AI tool could rapidly scan and analyze those papers to pull out only the most relevant information to support your specific paper. This saves you enormous amounts of time and effort.

Helps Use Studies in Different Languages

Most of us speak and write predominantly in English, but there may be highly relevant papers to your research published in other languages like Mandarin Chinese. The challenge is figuring out those non-English papers. This is where a multilingual AI writer is invaluable. It can comprehend research and studies published in other languages, breaking down that language barrier.

This opens up a world of knowledge that can greatly enrich your research and expand the depth of your analysis. You can tap into useful global research that an English-only reader would miss. Plus, you can draft your paper in your preferred language first and then use the AI tool to translate it to the required language for submission.

Helps Avoid Plagiarism

In academia, plagiarism is a major offense that can ruin your reputation. Multilingual AI writers can help you properly cite all sources and paraphrase content to create original work free of plagiarism. The AI assists by suggesting ideas, changing sentence structures, and seamlessly managing citations across languages.

Ensures Credible Sources

Imagine you stated something in class that came from an unreliable online source. If another student counters you with accurate information from a credible source, you could feel embarrassed and lose credibility. AI writing tools filter out untrustworthy sources and prioritize credible references to bolster your reputation.

Offers Diverse Knowledge for Literature Reviews

When conducting literature reviews, a multilingual AI tool can scan existing papers worldwide to provide an overview, even for research areas you are less familiar with. The AI is designed to pull from the vast knowledge base to help broaden your perspective.

For instance, when writing a psychology paper, the tool could incorporate related research from fields like neurobiology and sociology that you may not have discovered on your own. This adds greater depth to your literature review.

Consistency in Writing and Formatting

Multilingual AI writers allow you to establish and maintain a consistent writing style, proper grammar, and formatting across assignments. As an educator, these tools can help you quickly generate clear, polished teaching materials in multiple languages.

The key advantages are saving time, expanding scope, ensuring academic integrity, and unlocking your best work. Multilingual AI writers are game-changing allies for excellence across languages.

Final Thoughts

Multilingual AI writers have become invaluable tools for students seeking to overcome language barriers, save time, and enrich their research while maintaining originality. Students who strategically utilize available technology do not replace their skills and knowledge. Instead, they enhance their work’s value, meet deadlines, and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Likewise, academic professionals can save precious time to devote more attention to students when employing these tools.

For students and academics, adopting multilingual AI technology allows focusing efforts on providing unique insights rather than getting bogged down in citations, translations, and tedious formatting.

The message is clear – now is the time to embrace these AI tools as powerful allies in excelling efficiently. Students can expand the depth and scope of research. Educators can create accessible teaching materials in multiple languages.