Let’s be honest- writing homework isn’t always fun. If you like writing only a few assignments and would rather spend your time diving deeper into researching and learning what you want, we get you!

Writing multiple homework assignments in school is time-consuming, and there is usually little to no time for you to pursue your interests. Students spend so much time writing multiple assignments that they often compromise on the quality of their research, which might hurt their grades. Adding to the pressure are the complex problems and the tight deadlines.

But there’s a way to make this daunting task a breeze- AI homework solver tools. In this article, we look at the best AI homework solvers for students. Some of these tools can assist you in completing your homework faster by helping you do all the research, even write your assignments, essays and papers that are also plagiarism-free and can bypass AI detection.

Some of the key functionalities that an AI homework solver tool offers are:

  • Write a contextual and coherent text. The tools use data available on the web, analyze it, understand language patterns, and generate content to match the purpose and style asked for by the user.
  • They help you find relevant sources, extract critical findings, etc., enhancing your knowledge and focusing on your homework’s creative aspect.
  • The tools can help generate text in multiple languages and adapt to the writing styles of the preferred languages, grammar, syntax, etc., using the vast data on the internet.
  • AI writer tools can summarize lengthy documents, intricate research papers, complex concepts, and critical arguments. They decipher their meaning and create a summary highlighting the document’s main points. This helps you accelerate the writing process and enhances the impact and readability of your homework.
  • These tools provide you with step-by-step solutions to complex homework problems. For example, you are stuck on a mathematics problem. AI homework tool will help you with a detailed solution to understand the concept clearly.
  • They help in editing tasks, spelling checks, and grammar, creating content consistent with your style and making it readable.
  • It helps you create plagiarism-free content. These tools are equipped with plagiarism detection abilities. They scan the document, cross-reference it with exhaustive data, and save your academic integrity.
  • It helps you interpret data and convert the raw data into valuable points for your homework assignments.

1. Smodin Omni

Smodin is a versatile AI writing tool that focuses on helping students write assignments and homework. It offers solutions for students to write error-free and well-researched homework by eliminating conceptual gaps, refining and paraphrasing content, and preventing information overload. It helps students produce high-value, plagiarism-free content within seconds. This tool also helps you find trusted resources, which can be a great research assistance to complete your homework.

The Smodin AI homework tool is called Smodin Omni and is like the ultimate homework companion to help you save time and submit your work within deadlines, write correct and error-free homework, and spend more time on learning than just writing.

  • It works as an intelligent friend, answers your questions, finds relevant resources, and writes for you.
  • It helps you find and create images and diagrams for your homework to make it more elaborate and well-researched.
  • For complex homework problems, it provides you with the answers and explains the concept in an easy, enjoyable way.
  • It assists you in all subjects, including mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and more

AI Writing

This is your go-to feature if you are looking for solutions to write various types of content like descriptive or argumentative essays, research papers, etc. Smodin offers you help in writing content for different writing needs. For example, Article V1 helps create cost-effective content derived from high-ranking websites.

Article V2 helps write meticulously detailed and structured content that integrates information from multiple resources. This feature creates comprehensive and engaging articles. It offers dedicated writing styles for students to work with and also allows them to create their own templates for the writing style they want to create.

You get:

  • Descriptive Essay
  • Article V1 and V2
  • Author Mode writing style
  • Argumentative Essay
  • Research Paper and more

AI Research Assistant

Smodin offers an excellent AI research feature that helps you write factually correct, research-oriented, insightful, and highly contextual content that you can use for your homework assignments.

  • It helps speed up your research process and helps you focus on the creative process.
  • It helps you find reliable resources and write citations.
  • It also helps you understand the different perspectives, which can be useful to dig deeper into specific topics and incorporate different viewpoints.


This feature combines the power of Chat GPT and Google and provides you with the sources of the content generated by the Smodin AI writing tool.

You can use it to double-check your references and content generated to ensure it is error-free. You can ask questions about anything, like your ideas about specific topics, find quotes around your content and facts to add depth to your writing, and do much more.

AI Feedback and Grading

According to Online Class Help, this tool is an essential feature for refining your homework. This feature reads your work and gives you feedback on what can be improved and how you can write it better. The grading features use the grading criteria used in colleges worldwide to grade homework. This tool is valuable for academic professionals to grade homework fairly and squarely.


  • Smodin is an extremely student-friendly AI writing tool that focuses on solving homework writing problems for students. It has an easy UI and navigation that helps students get right at the task without spending much time learning how to use the tool.
  • It offers writing features addressing the various writing styles. This helps students keep the focus on producing quality homework without having to worry about formats and styles.
  • Smodin’s descriptive essay and author mode are students’ favorite features that help in writing in-depth assignments
  • With Smodin, you don’t have to worry about errors in your homework, grammar, factual corrections, etc., because of features like grading, feedback, citations, translator, etc.
  • Smodin offers excellent customer service to help students seamlessly use the platform

2. ChatGPT

ChatGPT has been a game-changer in the AI writing industry. It’s a versatile tool that offers more than just writing aid to marketing professionals; it’s also a valuable resource for students needing help with their homework. ChatGPT offers a user-friendly experience through a simple chat screen interface.

  • Instant Assistance: ChatGPT acts as an immediate helper, aiding in understanding concepts, answering complicated questions, and addressing simpler problems with ease. For difficult inquiries, use GPT-4, as earlier versions may contain inaccuracies.
  • Conceptual Understanding: ChatGPT provides not only answers but also a deeper insight into intricate topics, simplifying them in a conversational manner. The quality of the output is dependent on the input prompt.
  • Versatile: ChatGPT can field various questions, delivering answers regardless of the subject matter. Whether the questions are related to mathematics, history, science, geography, or any other subject, ChatGPT tries to provide accurate and precise information.


  • Offers quick and instantaneous solutions.
  • Features a user-friendly interface with easy-to-use chat functionality.


  • May not use the most up-to-date information.
  • Can generate repetitive content for long-form essays and articles.

3. Tutor AI

Tutor AI stands out as an advanced tutor-driven AI homework solver tool that assists in learning various subjects like physics, history, science, literature, and more. It presents information through distinct lessons, making learning comprehensive and fun.

  • Personalized Learning: This tool optimizes your learning experience to suit your preferences and learning styles. It understands your learning approach and adapts future lessons accordingly.
  • Progress Tracking: Tutor AI enables you to monitor your learning journey, allowing you to review completed modules and assess your own performance and progress.
  • Simplified Learning: Tutor AI creates lessons tailored to your preferences and learning style, making the learning process smooth and straightforward. It uses easy-to-understand, simple language, making the ideas easy to grasp.


  • Intuitive and user-friendly UI, allowing students to navigate the platform with ease.
  • Provides detailed insights into the subject matter.


  • Functions primarily as an AI tutor rather than a writing assistant, but the provided information can still aid in completing homework.
  • Occasionally offers incorrect or biased information, potentially causing misunderstandings for students.

4. Grammarly

Grammarly is a prominent AI-powered tool designed to refine writing skills. It comes with a range of features that helps writing grammatically accurate, well-punctuated, and plagiarism-free homework. Additionally, Grammarly provides various features to elevate the quality of your writing, assist with formatting, and propose alternate writing styles.

  • Grammar Tool: True to its name, Grammarly prioritizes addressing issues related to grammar, punctuation, spelling, and phrasing, along with conducting plagiarism checks to ensure your writing is polished and error-free.
  • AI Assistance: Grammarly’s AI assistant helps write responses based on your prompts, acting as a co-author to help you complete your homework efficiently.
  • Writing Tone: Grammarly is not only your writing companion but also your writing tone analyst. It informs you about the tone your content is conveying, be it confident, diplomatic, or friendly, and suggests recommendations for different writing levels.


  • Delivers grammatically accurate content.
  • Provides real-time corrective feedback.


  • Occasionally struggles with recognizing localized expressions and colloquial language.
  • While exemplary for correcting grammar, it still needs enhancements in generating human-like content and can necessitate manual corrections.

5. Air Math

AIR Math is an innovative AI mathematics learning tool designed to help students excel at maths. It offers features and functionalities tailored to solving and learning mathematical problems quickly. It offers interactive problem-solving opportunities and guidance and makes complex concepts easy to understand.

  • Mathematics homework helper: This tool offers mathematics solutions within seconds. All you have to do is take a photo of the problem/ question, and it replies with a step-by-step solution. It covers geometry, algebra, and every mathematics topic.
  • Expert Tutors: Air Math also provides expert tutor assistance available 24/7 to help you with any mathematics problem. ‘
  • Air Math Ticket: Air Math homework helper has a key element called tickets. There are search, question, and writing tickets that help you locate answers, request more precise solutions, and enhance your homework writing.


  • It is a perfect tool to learn and understand mathematics problems


  • Even though it provides mathematics solutions, you often require help from excellent tutors.

6. Otter.ai

Otter.ai (now Transkriptor) is an advanced transcription and note-taking tool that helps you convert spoken words into written words with remarkable accuracy. It offers real-time capabilities and seamless integration, making it a highly efficient transcription tool. You can record classroom lectures, revisit sections with doubts, organize key concepts and points, record project meetings, and do many things.

  • AI Assistant: The AI assistant quickly responds to your queries about your audio and video recordings. It finds you specific answers from the recording as you ask and helps save a lot of time without having you go through the entire transcript.
  • 100+ languages: It supports over 100 languages and lets you translate with a click from the Transkriptor dashboard. You can transcribe multiple languages and translate them into your preferred language.
  • Multiple speaker recognition: With Otter, you will be fine with multiple speakers speaking/participating in a discussion. It will record, transcribe, separate speakers, and create a different file.


  • It is a good tool for recording real-time transcripts
  • It offers multi-user and multiple-speaker recording option


  • It is an expensive tool, and most features are underpaid options for businesses, making it difficult for students to access them.
  • There is no alert or cue for ending the recording after a set period, and you will need to end it otherwise, manually, it keeps on recording.

7. Slidesgo (Homework presentation)

Slidesgo is an AI toolmaker that helps you create and deliver presentations seamlessly. It helps enhance ideas, add creativity, and helps create a lasting impression through presentations. It has ready-to-use templates that make creating presentations super easy.

  • AI Presentation maker: You can create presentations using the AI presentation maker and also customize it online. You can make changes as desired, add your ideas, remove things you don’t like, add images, etc.
  • Freepik Images: You can add images to your presentation using the Freepik tool integrated into Slidesgo. You can also give prompts to AI to create images for your presentation.
  • Customizable templates: Slidesgo has several templates for Google Slides and PowerPoint that you can customize according to your needs.


  • Offers templates for different types of subjects and customization options that help make effective presentations
  • It is straightforward to use.


  • Because the templates are free to use, it is likely for you to find some content or presentations used by various people
  • The editing options are a bit limiting

8. Socratic

Socratic is a homework and learning tool designed to enable discussions among students. It encourages students to question, explore ideas, comprehend academic subjects, and engage in fruitful debates. It helps you learn all the possible subjects, from mathematics, science, literature, social studies, and more.

  • Powered by Google AI: It uses Google’s speech and text recognition abilities to help you find the most relevant learning resources. It also generates reports of your progress.
  • Critical Thinking: The tool helps students review their homework and arguments, find shortfalls, and consider different perspectives. This helps build critical thinking abilities in the students.
  • Encourages active participation: The tool encourages students to actively participate in discussions and constructive debates and ask questions on their study topics.


  • It is a great learning platform to supplement education.
  • The platform is very interactive and attractive, which makes it fun for students.


  • Students can get distracted because of the game-like UI

Final Thoughts

Homework Solver tools enhance students’ efficiency in studies and assignments. They are instrumental in automating routine tasks such as editing, grammar checking, formatting, and adherence to style guides, all while facilitating rapid learning.

However, while these tools bring efficiency and convenience, they are not substitutes for original thought and diligent effort. They should be viewed as essential aids to navigate the contemporary educational environment, enabling students to manage time effectively and elevate their competence levels. Balancing these advanced tools with individual insight and work ethic is crucial for attaining comprehensive learning and academic success.