This post covers 8 of the best GrowthBar alternatives & competitors, including writing tools for teachers, students, researchers, bloggers, marketers, and more.

GrowthBar is an AI-writing and SEO platform that can help users with keyword research, competitor analysis, and other SEO data. You can also use it to write optimized blog content. This is great if you need an SEO tool, but GrowthBar might be irrelevant for:

  • Bloggers and SEO writers: Often, SEO-focused writers already a keyword research tool and content optimization tool, like Ahrefs, SEMRush, MarketMuse, and Clearscope. In these cases, getting GrowthBar would be overkill.
  • Teachers, students, and professional writers:If you’re not writing SEO-focused content, and instead are writing essays and academic papers, then GrowthBar isn’t the right tool for you. Instead, you’ll want a tool that offers essay grading, AI detection, content rephrasing, and more.

In this post, we look at 8 GrowthBar alternatives and competitors – segmeting them for different types of writers and use cases.

  1. Smodin – Best GrowthBar Alternative
  2. Jasper – Good Alternative for Marketing
  3. ProwritingAid – Good Alternative for Long-Form Content
  4. Writesonic – Good for Ad Writing
  5. Smart Copy – Good for Copywriting
  6. Hemingway – Best Alternative for Improving Readability
  7. Rytr – Good for Marketers
  8. Longshot – Best for Fact-Backed Content

1. Smodin – Best GrowthBar Alternative Overall

Smodin is the best overall GrowthBar alternative. You can use Smodin for article writing, blog post writing, rephrasing, AI detection, and more.

Get started with Smodin for free. Or keep reading to learn about Smodin’s key features, including:

AI Grader

One big difference between Smodin and GrowthBar is that Smodin’s features aren’t just for SEO writing and marketing writing.

For example, take Smodin’s AI Grader. This easy-to-use tool is a great tool for students and teachers.

You can upload an essay into Smodin, assign it a rubric, and Smodin will grade your essay – following whatever rubric you want.

Here’s a quick overview of how the AI Grader works.

First, pick your AI Grader settings. This includes what type of AI you want to grade your essay, and what language your essay is in.

Then, assign a rubric to your essay. You can select from the default criteria listed in Smodin, such as grading for “analytical thinking” and “clarity,” or upload your custom rubric. This means as a teacher and student you can use this tool across different assignments and classes.

Once that’s done, upload the essay, and Smodin will grade your essay based on that rubric. In seconds, Smodin analyses your essay, assigns it a letter grade, and also provides a breakdown of why it received its grade.

Use AI to grade your writing today

AI Article Generator

If you’re looking for a replacement for GrowthBar’s content generator, you will want to look at Smodin’s AI article generator.

This feature is perfect for bloggers, marketers, SEO writers, students, and other professional writers.

You can tell Smodin what kind of article you want, specifically:

  • The language you want your article written in
  • The title or keywords
  • How long your article should be
  • Whether the piece needs an image and a conclusion.

After that, Smodin proposes an outline/content brief, showing you all the main sections and subsections of the article. You can edit this outline however you’d like – either re-writing sections or removing them completely.

When everything looks good to you, click “Generate Article.” Smodin writes the entire article in seconds.

When you get your draft, you can:

  • Make direct edits
  • Request revisions
  • Or accept the article as written, downloading it from Smodin or copy and paste it out of Smodin.

Try our AI Article Writer for free

AI Essay Writer

Smodin is popular with students across all grade levels because of its essay-writing tool.

Smodin produces 20,000 high-quality essays each day. Let’s have Smodin write an essay on France’s role in the American Revolution to show you how easy and effective it is.

First, we put in our title “France’s Role in the American Revolution.” But immediately, Smodin recommended a different title, “France’s Crucial Role in the American Revolution.”

Not only is this title more engaging, but it also helps the piece’s structure. The piece is about France’s key role in the American Revolution.

Once we agreed on a title, Smodin came up with an outline. Again, at this point, we’ve only written six words ourselves.

You can review the outline, making changes if needed. If no changes are needed, click “Generate Essay.”

An essay is produced almost instantly. You can make direct edits, request revisions, or accept the essay as written.

Remember that this specific essay workflow above is part of our free plan. Smodin can generate longer and more detailed essays (including cited sources) when you upgrade your account.

Try out our AI Essay Writer by entering 5 words describing your topic.

Smodin AI Rewriter

You can use Smodin’s AI re-writer to rewrite existing content. This is perfect for bloggers, students, and other writers. It lets you keep producing new and unique content while avoiding plagiarism.

The goal of a good rewriter is to give you new and engaging content while keeping the message or point of the original content intact.

You can try our AI rewriter for free. Just paste the content you want re-phrased, then let Smodin’s rewriter do the work for you.

You can also check to ensure that your newly re-written content won’t get flagged by software for plagiarism.

Click here to start rewriting

Plagiarism Checker

You can use Smodin to ensure your content – blog articles, essays, and more – is plagiarism-free.

Just paste or upload the content you want to check for plagiarism. Smodin scans online files and databases for similar/exact content.

If Smodin finds plagiarized content, our software will list the sources of where that content has been published before.

This tool is great for:

  • Students who need to make sure their paper avoids plagiarism or need help finding the source of a quote they used.
  • Teachers and academic institutions who need to verify that their students aren’t submitting plagiarized work.

Click here to check for plagiarism

AI Content Detector

Smodin can see if an AI tool likely wrote a piece of content. Students and writers can use this to make sure they’re not handing in AI-written content, while editors and teachers can use this tool to see if the content they’re grading was in fact written by a human.

Let’s take a look at how accurate this grader is. Here’s a paragraph we asked ChatGPT to write.

We put that paragraph in our AI detection tool.

And as you can, it’s correctly graded at 100% likely to be written by AI.

Click here to start using the AI Detector

The above is a partial list of what makes Smodin such a good GrowthBar alternative. You can also use Smodin to generate:

  • Story scripts
  • Recommendation letters
  • Reference letters
  • Personal bios
  • A thesis
  • Research papers
  • Stories
  • Title and headline generators

Start using Smodin to elevate your writing.

2. Jasper – Good for Marketers

JasperAI can be a good GrowthBar alternative if you’re looking to improve your marketing writing, especially if you’re on a team.

Teams can use JasperAI across all of their marketing strategies. Your team can use Jasper to write blog posts, product descriptions, and emails.

Plus, Jasper also integrates with GPT-3.

Here’s an incomplete list of what you can get from Jasper:

  • AI-powered copywriting
  • AI-led content strategy
  • AI blog writing
  • AI-powered SEO

But JasperAI can be too costly for some writers. Pricing plans start at $39 per month (when you pay month to month). But that price is only for an individual writer – it’ll get more pricey as you add members from your team.

At the time of this writing, Jasper has over 1800 reviews with an average star rating of 4.8/5.

Read Jasper reviews here

3. ProwritingAid – Good for Creative Writers

ProWritingAid is an all-in-one AI writing tool. Unlike GrowthBar, it’s focus isn’t SEO.

You can use ProWritingAid to check:

  • Grammar/spelling
  • Your style
  • Your piece’s structure and overall readability

ProWritingAid has unique features for:

  • Creative writers
  • Professional (non-creative) writers
  • Higher education
  • Teachers
  • Tools for non-native English speakers

ProWritingAid gives writers a ton of in-depth, comprehensive analysis. This makes it great for serious writers with long-form content to revise. It makes it ideal for novelists, short story writers, and more.

But it can be too much for some writers. For example, if you’re a blog writer, your main focus is marketing writing or SEO, or if you just need help finishing an essay, this platform might be overkill.

At the time of this writing, ProWritingAid has over 430 reviews with an average star rating of 4.6/5.

Read ProWritingAid reviews here

4. Writesonic – Good for Copywriting

Writesonic is similar to Growthbar, minus the SEO researching tools. But marketers can use it for ad copy, copywriting, blog posts, and more. It has several templates, chatbots, and even an AI image-generation tool.

Here are Writesonic’s core features that make it a good Growthbar alternative for marketing teams:

  • AI writing: Writesonic comes with an AI article writer, a paraphrasing tool, a summarizing tool, and more.
  • Chatsonic: You can use Chatsonic (think of it as a ChatGPT alternate) to have a conversation, integrate with Google Search, chat with PDF, and create AI images.
  • Botsonic: You can use Botsonic to create your own chatbot. This could be great for programmers or business owners who want to make a chatbot for their site.
  • AI Art Generator: Writesonic can also create AI-generated art/images. You provide the prompts and the style, and Writesonic makes images.
  • Audiosonic: If you want to take your written content and make podcasts or voiceovers, you can do so with Writesonic’s audiosonic feature.

At this time, Writesonic has over 1800 reviews with an average star rating of 4.8/5.

Read Writesonic review here

5. Smart Copy – Good for Ad Copy

Smart Copy is an AI writing tool made by Unbounce, a site with a lot of experience in helping sites drive traffic and conversion.

Smart Copy is a good Growthbar alternative for eCommerce stores, SaaS companies, and agencies.

You can use Smart Copy to:

  • Create landing pages: You can choose between Smart Copy’s Classic Builder, which is a highly customizable drag-and-drop landing page builder, or you can utilize Smart Copy’s Smart Builder. The Smart Builder uses AI and Unbounce’s landing page experience to quickly build an optimized landing page..
  • Write copy: You can use Smart Copy as a generative writing tool.
  • Optimize traffic: Smart Copy can optimize your traffic. You can use AI to direct traffic to the landing page, which will most likely get them to convert. This saves you plenty of time and money, because you don’t need to run complicated and often in-conclusive A/B tests.

At the time of this writing, Unbounce’s Smart Copy has only 1 review with a star rating of 5/5

6. Hemingway – Best GrowthBar Competitor to Improve Readability and Style

Next up on our list of Growthbar alternatives is the free Hemingway Editor.

To use this free tool, just paste your content into Hemingway. The editor will automatically highlight lengthy and complex sentences. It also suggests removing unnecessary adverbs, and identifies passive voice for you.

You can see the grade level at which your content is currently at. This is perfect for bloggers as sometimes companies and agencies want their work written at a lower grade level.

The Hemingway Editor is great for improving the readability of your content.

But, it doesn’t create new content for you. Instead, you would use this editor alongside an AI content generator (like the other alternatives covered in this post).

Also, keep in mind that this editor makes suggestions, but the suggestions won’t always be the best ones for your piece. In short, it’s a tool for writers who know what they’re doing. If you just go through and make changes to lower your grade level and remove the passive voice, your writing might become harder to read

At the time of this writing, Hemingway has 11 reviews with an average star of rating of 4.4 out of 5

Read all of Hemingway’s reviews here

7. Rytr – Good for Marketing Writing

Ryter is an AI-powered writing assistant that you can use for several different use cases, including:

  • Blog idea outlines: You can use Rytr to brainstorm possible blog posts.
  • Blow writing: Rytr can then write a full blog post based on your ideas.
  • Create a brand name: You can tell Rytr about your business, and it’ll suggest compelling and engaging brand names.
  • Create a business pitch: You can feed your business ideas to Rytr to have it create a compelling and coherent elevator-style business pitch.

At the time of this writing, Rytr has over 15 reviews with a rating of 4.6 out of 5.

Read all of Ryter’s reviews here

8. Longshot – Fact Driven AI Content

Longshot AI is another Growthbar alternative if you’re looking for a generative AI tool. It makes our list as a unique alternative because it positions itself as a tool for creating fact-driven and fact-backed content.

Here are some of its key features, including:

  • Generative AI for factual content
  • FactGPT – It can be frustrating for writers to use ChatGPT and have the Chatbot tell them that their knowledge is limited up to a time in 2021. Longshot tries to mitigate that issue by letting their chatbot comment with authority on even the most recent updates.
  • Blog workflows

Longshot also has a headline generator, an FAQ generator, and content rephraser.

But it can be pricey – $29 per month when you pay monthly for its most affordable option.

At the time of this writing, Longshot AI has 48 reviews with an average star rating of 4.5

Next Step: Choosing the Best GrowthBar Alternative

GrowthBar is an AI-powered content generator with a strong focus on SEO. But it may not be right for you for several reasons:

  • You don’t need SEO-focused content, instead writing creative work, essays, or social media copy.
  • You already have an SEO tool that you use, such as Ahrefs, Clearscope, MarketMuse, etc.
  • Or you simply want to move away from GrowthBar because you’re not happy with the price, the UI, or the content being generated.

In this post, we looked at 8 different alternatives and competitors that you can choose from.

We recommend that you start with Smodin. You can try it for free to produce content – and it’s ideal for all types of writers, from marketers to students to academics.

Get started with Smodin for free. Or check out the key features you’re most interested in, including: