If you Want to use Smodin Rewriter Plugin for WordPress

The first step would be to…


1- Go to Plugins, ->  Add New.

2- Search for the plugin “Smodin Rewriter”

3- Click on install and activate.


install smoding rewrite plugin for wordpress

Once you click Install and activate, you will be redirected to the following page

4- Smodin needs the plugin “Classic Editor” to work, if you don’t already have it, click begin installing plugin

smodin rewriter wordpress plugin

Once you click “Being install plugin”, you will be redirected to a new page, and it will redirect you again each time

5- Click Install classic editor
6- Once the installation is successful, click “Return to required plugins installer”
7- Click on “Activate” classic editor

smodin wordpress plugin

8- Click on Smodin Rewriter settings
9- Add your API Key, select the language and the strength you want for the rewriter

Don’t have an API key? you can get one HERE  you will get an “X-RapidAPI-Key”, you simply have to copy-paste it on step 9


smodin rewrite plugin

10- Go to add a post, or edit an existing one, select the language you want, click on Rewrite, and it’s done!

You’ve installed Smodin’s rewriter plugin for WordPress Successfully