Checking Whether Smodin Is Broken

Smodin rewriter isn’t working?

Is Smodin Down?

If you encounter any issues with Smodin, we’ve prepared some solutions that might work for you. Before diving into them, keep these two things in mind:

Remember to be logged in!

You won’t have the paid features if you aren’t logged in. You can log in HERE

Check your extensions first.

Do you have any Script blockers? Do you have any AdBlock on? Remove any kind of extension that might cause issues, if you have other browsers, try accessing the website with another browser.

After making sure you’re logged in and that your extensions aren’t blocking our functions, please consider the following quick fixes: 

I’ve bought the subscription and the site doesn’t work?

In order for the limit to be removed, you must log in. In some cases, users forget to “Log in”. to do so, go to the login page HERE.

The rewriter isn’t working?

Don’t forget about the maximum characters limit, if you exceed this limit, the rewriter won’t work.

I bought a Smodin subscription but I didn’t get any email! Never received any email.

Please check your spam folder. You can request a new password reset by going to the LOGIN page & clicking the Forgot Password link.

There’s also the chance that you’ve misspelled your email. Get in contact with  Smodin customer support and they will change it for you. Remember to give them a valid email to reply back and to get in contact with you.
it also occurs in some cases that emails ending in .de .ch .fr .es or any other custom non-Gmail/Hotmail emails, could be getting blocked by their email providers.

Another issue that might occur, is if you have your inbox full, please be sure your inbox isn’t full. Smodin’s Customer support team always replies to your questions, if you aren’t getting an answer, try providing an extra email for them to get in contact with you.

If you’re a user from Indonesia and see strange characters on our website, try using THIS LINK, if that doesn’t work, try going to the English rewriter page HERE and select the Indonesian language from the menu at the top.

If you have any doubts or issues, don’t hesitate to get in contact with Smodin’s Customers Support, you can do so by going to