An argumentative essay serves the purpose of presenting a point of view. You have to make your voice heard, but that is not all. For this piece of writing, you would need to thoroughly research a topic, and gather, create, and present the facts on a specific topic succinctly. It would require you to strengthen it with evidence, strong reasoning, and a proper structure.

To simplify composing your argumentative essay, we will focus on structuring one:

Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is a genre of writing that expresses an argument on a specific topic. It would require you to perform thorough research on the topic. You need to include an introductory intelligible thesis statement, valid points to support it, and examples for justifying those points.
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Structure of an Argumentative Essay

For an argumentative essay, you must provide a simple structure for the readers to understand without including an unwanted effort. Here is how you need to structure your writing:

  • Introductory Paragraph

The first or the initial paragraph of an argumentative essay needs to be an outline of the topic. It must also include background information and state your thesis.

  • Thesis Statement

A thesis statement refers to the major idea to compose the essay. It is a one-liner or two-liner summary of your point and the assertion, which you must present as a part of the first paragraph.

  • Body Paragraphs

Usually, an argumentative essay has to have 3-4 paragraphs to express your reasons to strengthen your points. Each of them must cover a new idea and evidence, along with a topic sentence.

With your topic sentence, you need to portray your justification of the points. Over here, you also support your perspective with statistics, research, text citation, and studies.

  • Conclusion

Conclusion or final thoughts need you to restate the thesis and sum up the points you have shared above. You can even share your perspective about how the topic has influenced you.


Writing an argumentative essay

You can write a compelling and a well structured argumentative essay in three easy steps, and here they are:


  1. Choose a topic and prepare a thesis statement

A thesis statement is an essential part of the essay because it gives readers a brief idea about your essay. It allows them to decide whether to read or not and can serve as a guideline for you. Usually, it has to state a claim, your point of view on that, and the supporting points.

For topic selection, if you do not have a pre-decided topic, it is advisable to pick the one that surrounds your area of interest. You can begin by learning about what impacts you the most. Remember, you need to have solid evidence to justify it. Make the stances clear beforehand.

  1. Research and Organize the outcome

Research serves as one of the foundational pillars of this piece of writing. It is because, for an argumentative essay, you must have the set of evidence to showcase and defend your argument. You can include all reference sources from industry experts and reliable citations. When performing research, you can keep these points in your mind:


  • Go for thorough research to have a clear overview of your topic. You can include significant debates, counterarguments, and perceptions of experts in that field.


  • Stay all ears to learn and understand the perspective on the topic from different eyes and minds.


  • Cover the ideas for different viewpoints that have not been covered previously.


  1. Draft the structure

Once done collecting all the necessary facts, you must draft the structure. It is essential for you to learn about the directions you are heading to. Though there are different tools for that, you can make the manual effort too. The structure of an argumentative essay has been discussed already. While drafting you need to put the structure on priority, and apart from that, here are other facts you can keep in your mind:


Introduction and thesis

  • Use a surprising fact over an inspirational quote or personal anecdote.
  • Provide background for your topic.
  • Include the issue, its root cause, impact, and the way out.


Body Paragraphs

For body paragraphs, you can dedicate one for each point. Here are the must-have components for every paragraph you will add:


It is the statement you make for your argument, and for this, you should:

  • Include Evidence & Explanation
  • Not forget the valid evidence and explain how it can support your claim.

Additional paragraphs

In addition to the above-discussed structure, you must add paragraphs dedicated to counterarguments. With this, you can justify your skills and knowledge about the topic. You can also include existing opposing arguments to keep up the reader’s attention.


Dedicate your conclusion to summarize your essay and tell your reader how it is valid. You can use a CTA, hypotheticals, and the big picture. After wrapping your conclusion, you can also go to the introduction and check for any possible changes.


Just as important as it is to compose your piece of writing, proofreading it is of paramount importance too. Here are the points to keep in mind when proofreading:

  • Look for and fix any grammatical or spelling errors. Even a minor one can disrupt the reader’s focus and reduce the quality of the writing.
  • You must keep your audience in mind before you write and proofread.
  • You should pick your language, tone, and choice of words for that.
  • When proofreading, make sure there is no weaker argument left. If there is any, support it.


That is all you need for composing your argumentative essay!



An appealing and impressive argumentative essay is the sum of the writer’s opinion, thorough research, strong- structure, and the selection of points. When it comes to learning about following these points strongly, there are several aspects for you to keep in mind. An argumentative essay needs to have an introductory paragraph, a thesis statement, 3-4 paragraphs focused on your evidence, and an explanation about the same. After this, you can sum up your argumentative essay with a conclusion. You have to prioritize in-depth research to have all the valid proof to justify your points. Smodin offers Smodin Author, an AI-powered writer that allows you to create essays just with a seed, don’t forget to test it out HERE