In this post, we look at 6 of the best Neuraltext alternatives available.

We look at two main types of alternatives:

  • Chatbots – These are bots like ChatGPT, Bloom, and Claude. They’re meant to be sort of a “one size fits all” AI tool. You can ask the bot to help you write content, or edit and revise existing content. But these bots, while often able to deliver quality content, aren’t really suited for more specialized projects. For those, we cover AI writing tools.
  • Full-service AI writing softwareThese are tools like Smodin, Copy.AI, and Shortly.Ai. They have more features than chatbots. They have templates and specific niche tools like rewriting software, plagiarism checkers, and more.

Here’s the full list of Neuraltext alternatives and competitors that we cover:

  1. Smodin
  2. ChatGPT
  3. Bloom
  4. Claude
  5. Copy.AI
  6. ShortlyAI

1. Smodinsmodin ai writingSmodin is an all-in-one AI-powered writing tool, used by writers, teachers, students, and more.

With Smodin, you can:

  • Write essays
  • Write books
  • Write blog content
  • Write research papers
  • Write professional letters
  • Write legal documents
  • And more.

To check out, try Smodin for free. It’s bound to be a great alternative to Neuraltext.

You can also keep reading to learn how Smodin works by taking a close look at some key features, including:

AI Article Generator

Smodin can draft full articles for you using our AI-powered technology.

ai article generatorYou choose the language you want the article written in, tell Smodin what the article is about, decide its length, and choose whether or not you need an image and conclusion.

Within seconds, Smodin delivers an outline. You can edit this outline as necessary. Then Smodin will draft the article for you.

It’s easy to request revisions, make direct edits, or remove the article from Smodin and move it to your CMS.

This AI article generator helps expedite your content writing process so you and your team can deliver better articles in less time.

Plus, we have a special essay writer for students.

In addition to our AI article writer, we have an essay writer. The essay writer is perfect for helping students get better grades on their papers.

Just tell Smodin what your essay is about, Smodin will propose a title and then an outline.

You can edit the outline, choose what kind of essay you’re writing (such as narrative or persuasive), and whether or not your essay needs sources.

smodin essay outlineThen Smodin writes your first essay draft for you.

Smodin AI Rewriter

Our AI re-write helps you take existing content and turn it into new and fresh content, without changing the original message. This is a great way to add variety to your writing, especially if you’re writing about the same topic in multiple places.

Plus, you can verify that your new content isn’t plagiarized.

Click here to start rewriting

Plagiarism Checker

You can also check all types of content to see if it has been plagiarized. This is a great feature for teachers, students, academics, writers, and editors.

Sometimes writers plagiarize intentionally; other times, it’s a genuine accident. Either way, Smodin can check a text and let you know if it’s been plagiarized.

To use our plagiarism checker, just paste or upload your content into our tool. Smodin then scans all types of online databases.

If it finds plagiarized content, it’ll list the sources of where that content has appeared before.

Click here to check for plagiarism

AI Content Detector

You can also use Smodin to detect AI-written content – perfect for students and editors who want to guarantee the content they’re reading was written by a human.

Here’s an intro paragraph to an essay we had ChatGPT write.

And here’s what it looks like when Smodin analyzes whether or not it was written by AI.

Click here to start using the AI Detector

The above is a partial list of what Smodin offers. Here are some other key features:

  • Story script generator
  • Recommendation Letter generator
  • Reference letter generator
  • Personal bio benerator
  • Thesis generator
  • Research paper generator
  • Story Generator
  • Title Generator and Headline Generator

Start using Smodin to elevate your writing.

2. ChatGPT

GPT-3 is OpenAI’s powerful language model that can generate remarkably human-like text. Some key features that make it useful for writers:

  • It has an impressive 175 billion parameters, allowing it to have strong language understanding and be highly versatile across tasks like translation, summarization, and of course, generating original text.
  • The API allows you to give it a text prompt, and it will continue the writing in a natural way based on the context provided. So you can use it to help draft everything from emails to blog posts by giving it a starting sentence or paragraph.
  • There are different engine sizes to fine tune the capabilities to your needs. The full 175B model does come at a heftier price point, but the base Davinci engine still impresses.
  • It’s been pre-trained on a huge corpus of data, so it has an astounding breadth of world knowledge that aids its writing ability.

Overall, while not perfect, GPT-3 is an exciting new tool that can help take some of the heavy lifting out of writing first drafts. The generated text still takes editing, but having that starting point can be a huge time saver.

3. Bloom (Hugging Face)

Bloom is an AI model created by Hugging Face focused on safe and helpful text generation.

Here’s what makes it stand out:

  • It has special training to constrain its outputs to be harmless and honest. This helps avoid issues like generating biased or toxic text.
  • There are built-in filters to detect potential hazards and refine the output to be more appropriate. This makes it more reliable.
  • While newer than GPT-3, it already shows strong language fluency and understanding with its 2.7 billion parameters.
  • You can fine tune it for specific applications like creative writing, translations, summarization and more to customize its capabilities.
  • It’s designed to be transparent about limitations. If it lacks confidence to generate quality text, it will make that clear.
  • As an open source project, the capabilities continue to rapidly evolve with more training.

So while not as open-ended as GPT-3, Bloom provides guardrails if you want an AI writer that prioritizes safety.

4. Claude (Anthropic)

Claude has been specifically designed to be an AI assistant that is helpful, harmless, and honest – setting it apart from many other models. Here are some key details:

  • It uses Constitutional AI technology which constrains its training to avoid harmful behavior. This makes Claude align with human values.
  • Anthropic has pioneered training techniques like self-consistency and deliberation to improve Claude’s reasoning. This leads to more logical and safer responses.
  • Claude has limited world knowledge rather than training on broad internet data. This focuses its capabilities and reduces potential harmful content.
  • It has abilities like summarization, Q&A, and dialogue that are tuned for assistant purposes rather than unconstrained text generation.
  • Claude has an advanced understanding of human preferences and motivations. It aims to provide benign and honest guidance.
  • Ongoing research is focused on transparency, interpretability, and controlling its behavior during open-ended conversations.

So in summary, Claude takes a very intentional approach optimized for being an AI assistant you can trust.

5. is an AI writing assistant designed specifically to help generate marketing copy and content. Here’s how it could aid a writer:

  • For long form articles – allows you to provide a topic, target audience, tone and other details. It will generate a complete article draft touching on key points. This gives you a strong starting point to then edit and refine.
  • For social media copy – Just feed it your desired platform, target audience and goals. It will churn out posts tailored to that social media style and audience. This makes drafting compelling captions and posts simple.
  • For product descriptions – Give it your product info and brand voice. will return creative and on-brand product descriptions to help listings convert. Saves you time while optimizing for your goals.
  • For content briefs – Outline your content strategy and will draft detailed briefs covering goals, topics, formats, tones and other specifics to guide writers. Takes work off your plate.

The key is lets you provide guiding details and it handles churning out an initial draft for you to then refine. This can save vast amounts of research and writing time. And the more you use it, will continue learning your brand voice to streamline the process further.

6. ShortlyAI

Shortly is an AI-powered writing tool meant to help you break through writer’s block. Here are some of its main use cases:

  • To expand content – Feed Shortly an existing draft. It will analyze the key points and generate a longer version with more detail elaborating on each aspect. This gives writers a framework to build an expanded piece efficiently.
  • To rewrite content – Provide Shortly with a draft you want to rework. It will ‘summarize’ the key ideas in different words and structures. This rewritten draft can stimulate new approaches to the same content.
  • To shorten content – Shortly shines at condensing articles, stories, or other long-form content into concise overviews. Writers can use it to create summaries, blurbs, or tight abstracts from their existing writing.
  • Other capabilities like simplifying text complexity, identifying key sentences, and translating content also help analyze drafts to refine writing.

The key advantage is having this AI tool to process, expand on, and refine drafts quickly. It takes some of the heavy lifting out of reworking content.

Next Steps: Trying a Free Neuraltext Alternative

In this post, we looked at various alternatives to Neuraltext – with a big focus on similar AI-powered chatbots like Claude and, of course, ChatGPT.

But we’d recommend you try using Smodin first.

Smodin is more structured, giving you templates and tools to make your life easier. (And, of course, it also has a ChatBot).

With Smodin, you can:

  • Draft full articles
  • Write and grade essays
  • Re-write existing content
  • And much more.

Try Smodin for free today.