Smart Copy is an AI writing tool made by the team behind Unbounce – a company that has historically focused on helping websites create highly optimized landing pages.

Unbounce took their wealth of knowledge and created an AI tool with it. In some ways, this is great. Companies who need highly optimized landing pages (optimized to convert) will benefit from Smart Copy’s features, like its landing page builder.

But Smart Copy may not have what you need as an AI writing tool. You may want tools more suited for:

  • Producing SEO-rich content
  • Quickly writing ad copy
  • Rephrasing existing content
  • Checking for plagiarism
  • Improving your style and grammar
  • Etc.

To show you what’s available, we look at 7 of the best Smart Copy alternatives, including:

  1. Smodin
  2. GrowthBar
  3. LongShot
  4. Scalenut
  5. Jasper
  6. Rytr
  7. Writesonic

1. Smodin

smodin ai writingSmodin helps simplify the writing processes of all types of writers, making it easier and faster to deliver better and more engaging content – no matter what your use case or project. This could mean content that is more likely to rank in Google, more likely to convert a reader into a buyer, and so on.

The easiest way to see if Smodin is for you is to try it for free. You can (for free) write a new article, write an essay, ask our ChatBot to help you finish a project, etc.

You can also keep reading below, where we cover some main features writers love.

  • AI Article Generator – Quickly create full article drafts.
  • AI Essay Writer – Write essays (for all grade levels and topics)
  • AI Grader – Use AI to grade the quality of someone’s essay (yours or a student’s, for example).

AI Article Generator – Fully Drafted Articles Within Seconds

Content writers, bloggers, and more can easily use Smodin’s AI article generator to generate a full draft quickly.

You just pick the language you want your article written in, provide some context on what the article is about, and then Smodin will propose an outline.

You can edit the outline to fit your needs and then have Smodin generate the article.

AI Essay Writer – Ideal for Students of All Levels

Smodin can help students write better essays, leading to better grades.

To use our essay writer, just write briefly about the topic. Then, Smodin will propose an engaging title. Then, you can tell Smodin what kind of essay you’re writing. For example, is it a persuasive essay, a compare and contrast paper, a descriptive essay, etc? You can also customize the length and decide whether Smodin should include facts and sources.

Once that’s done, Smodin gives you an outline to review.

After you approve the outline, Smodin writes the essay.

You can ask for revisions, start over, or make direct changes in the text editor box.

AI Grader – Grade Essays with AI

Students and teachers alike can benefit from Smodin’s AI Grader.

  • Teachers can grade essays quickly. Grading essays is time-consuming, with many teachers working at home to complete their grading. With Smodin, a teacher can quickly grade dozens (or more) of essays. This gives them more time to work with their students.
  • Students can grade their own work. If a student is writing an essay to turn in, they might be apprehensive about the grade they will get. After all, how can they know what grade they’ll get? But they can use Smodin’s essay grader to grade their essay, get a letter grade, and even find out why they got their grade.

This works so well for teachers and students because you can upload whatever rubric you want to use to grade your essay. If you don’t have a rubric handy, just use Smodin’s default rubric, which contains things most teachers look for when grading papers, like organization and critical thought.

Use AI to grade your writing today

Try Smodin for Free

Smodin has many features that make it a great AI writing tool for all use cases.

Here are just a few examples.

Start using Smodin to elevate your writing.

2. GrowthBar

growthbarGrowthBar is an AI-powered content creation and SEO platform that offers a variety of features to assist content writers and marketing teams. One useful tool is the keyword research feature, which provides data-driven keyword suggestions to help identify high-traffic, low-competition terms to target in content. The blog topic generator can then take those keywords and generate headline and outline ideas to kickstart the writing process.

The paragraph rewriter feature is helpful for improving existing content. It can rewrite paragraphs in a different style or tone while preserving the original meaning. This allows writers to easily create multiple variations of a paragraph to compare and determine which resonates best with the target audience.

Other capabilities like the SEO optimization tool, readability scoring, and Google rich snippet creator enable writers to craft content optimized for search and engagement. With

GrowthBar’s suite of AI-powered writing and optimization tools, content creators can work more efficiently while ensuring their content hits the mark for relevance, quality, and shareability. The platform aims to save time and energy while elevating writing through technology.

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3. LongShot

longshotLong Shot is an AI assistant that helps streamline content creation and optimization with features like FactGPT, workflows, and chat. FactGPT allows writers to check facts and generate citations to ensure content accuracy instantly. The workflow feature enables creating templates for recurring tasks like formatting, allowing writers to produce consistent, high-quality content faster. With Long Shot’s chat function, writers can get rapid feedback on drafts from the AI assistant by having natural conversations.

For marketing teams, Long Shot can also summarize notes from meetings and interviews into usable content. By leveraging FactGPT and workflows, Long Shot ensures any summarized content contains accurate information and follows brand guidelines.

The chat function additionally enables teams to collaborate with the AI assistant on content ideas, directions, and reviewing drafts efficiently. With its combination of AI generation, workflow automation, and seamless chat, Long Shot aims to boost content quality, consistency, and creation speed for writers and marketers alike.

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4. Scalenut

scalenutScalenut is an AI-powered SEO platform designed to help companies improve their organic search performance. One of its key features is the keyword planner, which provides researched keyword suggestions along with monthly volumes to allow SEO teams to identify high-potential targets. The platform’s cruise mode feature then tracks rankings for core keywords and alerts for any changes, enabling teams to monitor progress.

The content optimizer is another useful tool that analyzes on-page elements including meta tags, content, and HTML to ensure pages are fully optimized for chosen keywords. It provides specific recommendations to improve optimization.

By leveraging Scalenut’s automated keyword research, rank tracking, and content optimization capabilities, SEO teams can streamline processes to boost their site’s domain authority, improve rankings for focused keywords, and ultimately drive more organic traffic from search engines. The platform aims to save time while providing data-driven insights and recommendations to increase search visibility.

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5. Jasper


Jasper is an AI content generation platform designed to augment human creativity for marketing teams. For blog writing, Jasper’s AI can generate ideas and draft full blog posts by expanding on a few prompting keywords. This kickstarts the writing process and provides a strong foundation. For copywriting, Jasper can analyze brand guidelines and reference materials to produce high-quality copy for websites, ads, e-mails, and more.

Jasper also optimizes content for SEO by researching and integrating keywords. For social media, it can generate caption ideas to engage followers and prompt sharing. The AI can even create initial drafts for emails, newsletters, and drip campaigns. By automating rote tasks and providing an intuitive collaboration platform, Jasper enables marketers to work more quickly and strategically. The end result is higher-quality, better-optimized content that resonates with target audiences across channels. With Jasper, marketing teams can elevate their content game.

6. Rytr

rytrRytr is an AI-powered writing tool designed to help writers create high-quality content with ease. One of its key features is the Idea Generator, which suggests relevant topics and headlines with just a few keyword prompts. This enables writers to discover angles and kickstart articles quickly.

Another useful capability is Rewrite, which can take an existing draft and rewrite it in a new tone, style, or for a different audience while preserving the core ideas. This allows writers to easily customize content. Rytr also offers a Grammar Checker and Tone Detector to catch errors and ensure content resonates correctly. The Summarizer feature is helpful for condensing notes or research into usable content quickly.

With robust automation for ideation, drafting, editing, and optimizing, Rytr aims to simplify and accelerate the writing process from research to publishing. By partnering with the AI, writers can focus their time on strategy and creativity while leaving rote tasks to Rytr. This helps boost both productivity and quality. With its combination of AI generation and useful writing tools, Rytr enables anyone to produce engaging, high-quality content with much less effort.

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7. Writesonic

writesonicWritesonic is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps writers create better content faster. Here are some of its key features and how they can simplify your work:

  • AI Article Writer: This tool lets you generate complete articles just by entering a few keywords and settings. Simply provide a topic, keywords, tone, and length to get AI-written drafts to use as a starting point instantly. Example use: Quickly create a draft for a simple blog post? Use the AI Article Writer to get a draft outline on the topic that you can customize.
  • Paraphrasing Tool: This feature rewrites existing text in a new way while preserving the original meaning. Useful for improving and diversifying your writing. Example use: Have an old blog post that needs updating? Use the paraphrasing tool to rewrite portions of it in a fresh way.
  • Text Summarizer: Enter a long piece of text, and this tool will condense it down to key points. Great for summarizing research papers, articles, or notes. Example use: Have extensive interview notes you need to consolidate? Use the text summarizer to create a concise summary of the key takeaways.
  • Story Generator: This creative tool sparks new fictional story ideas based on your input prompts.Example use: Stuck planning your next short story? Use the story generator to discover unique premises to jumpstart your writing.
  • Text Expander: Create shortcut phrases that auto-expand into full paragraphs to save time writing common content. Example use: Write frequent social media captions for your business? Create text expander shortcuts for your common caption types to streamline your process.

With these robust AI-powered features, Writesonic aims to make producing great written content faster and easier for any writer.

Next Steps: Try Smodin for Free

This post looked at 7 different Smart Copy alternatives. You can start using Smodin for free to see how you like working with its AI-powered features, like the AI article generator and the AI grader.

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