This post covers 7 Quillbot alternatives, including AI-powered content writing tools used by teachers, students, marketers, blog writers, copywriters, academics, and more.

Quillbot is a popular writing and paraphrasing tool. You paste your content into Quiilbot, and Quillbot uses machine learning to provide synonyms and restructure sentences while trying to preserve the original meaning. When this works well, you get unique, engaging content.

It’s common for students to use Quillbot to make sure they’re not submitting plagiarized work or bloggers and other writers who are writing a lot of content about the same topic and need help keeping their writing fresh and unique.

But Quillbot isn’t suitable for everyone. You may want more features (such as a text generator or AI writer, not just a paraphraser). In this post, we look at 6 Quillbot Alternatives, including our own tool, Smodin.

Unlike Quillbot, Smodin is an AI-powered tool that lets you easily write essays, blog articles, research papers, stories, letters, and more. To see how Smodin works, write five words (or more) about your topic and let Smodin’s algorithm provide you with structured and professional content. Try it now for free.

Smodin also offers:

Finding the Best Quillbot Alternative (Things to Consider)

Quillbot is a paraphraser, meaning it takes whatever content you give it and spits out new content. Here’s an example. We took our intro above and ran it through Quillbot.

You can see the original text on the left and Quillbot’s paraphrased content on the right.

You can see the initial results come with some awkwardness. For example, our first sentence read “Quillbot is a popular writing and paragraphing tool,” which Quillbot changed to “A well-liked writing and paraphrasing tool is Quillbot.” That sounds unnatural and wrong. No one would write it like this naturally. With Quillbot yu can rephrase it again to hopefully get a better result, or just make line edits yourself to the content.

Usually, when someone wants a Quillbot alternative, it’s because they’re either:

  • Not happy with Quillbot’s paraphrasing (if that’s the case, try Smodin’s free AI-powered re-writer).
  • Need more advanced features such as text generation, research assistant, and help writing more precise and more engaging content.

Do You Need a Free Quillbot Alternative?

Quillbot has a free tool, though it’s limited in its features. It does offer a premium plan ($9.95 monthly, at the time of this writing, where you can paraphrase unlimited words, see your history, and check for plagiarism.

If you’re looking for a free Quillbot alternative, check out Smodin’s free rewriter.

But if you’re looking for more features, you will want to move away from free tools with limited functionality. We cover such writing tools in the post below.

6 Best Quillbot Alternatives (2023)

1. Smodin – Best Quillbot Alternative Overall

Smodin is an AI-powered content generator that is used by students, teachers, and all types of professional writers.

Smodins is the best Quillbot alternative overall because it can replace what Quillbot does (paraphrasing and re-writing text) but also offers more advanced features for writers, such as text and title generators, article writers, and essay writers.

Writers, teachers, students, and researchers have used Smodin for:

  • Writing essays
  • Writing books
  • Writing blog content
  • Writing research papers
  • Writing professional letters
  • Wrtiing legal documents
  • And more.

Get started with Smodin for free.

Or keep reading to learn about Smodin’s key features, including:

AI Grader

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Smodin is an easy-to-use and incredibly helpful AI grader. This tool will take your writing (or your student’s essay) and grade it for you.

To start, just pick whether you want to grade the essay with Standard AI or Advanced AI. For the most qualified feedback, stick with advanced AI. You can also grade in multiple languages, not just English.

Then, you assign a rubric. You pick default criteria from Smodin, like “analytical thinking” and “originality,” or upload your own.

Once you picked your rubric, simply upload the essay, and Smodin will grade it.

Your content is assigned a letter grade – giving an idea of how your essay would do if you turned it in as is. But, more importantly, the rationale for the grade is broken down on the left side of the screen. This rationale explains how your essay performed in light of criteria that you defined.

Use AI to grade your writing today

AI Article Generator

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You can use Smodin to write articles for you.

You pick the language you want your article written in, the title or keywords (we recommend you use your SEO-specific keywords if you’re using this tool for web content), how many sections you want your article to have, whether or not it needs an image, and whether or not it needs a conclusion.

Then, Smodin proposes an outline, which you can edit if necessary. When the outline looks good to you, click Generate Article, and Smodin will produce an article for you.

Depending on your project, you can either edit the article, request revisions or simply use the article Smodin has written. Some writers use Smodin to simply write their content for them, while others use it to get new ideas or a foundation which they can then expand on.

AI Essay Writer

Smodin generates 20,000 quality essays daily. You can try it out for free by entering 5 words describing your essay. You can choose the length of the essay, confirm the number of paragraphs needed, then accept Smodin’s proposed outline.

For example, here’s the process for writing an essay on France’s role in the American Revolution.

The title we originally suggested was “France’s Role in the American Revolution.” Smodin suggested we change the title to the much more informative and engaging “France’s Crucial Role in the American Revolution.”

After we agreed on the title and picked the length, Smodin proposed an outline.

You can re-arrange, edit the outline, or accept the proposal if it looks good. Then, it’s time to generate the essay, which takes seconds.

Note: The examples above are part of our free plan. You can get longer and more detailed essays with cited sources when you upgrade your Smodin account.

With Smodin’s AI essay writer, you get:

  • AI-powered research assistant: Our advanced AI algorithm lets you find relevant sources for any sentence or text. This is perfect for research papers and academic writing.
  • Structured text: Our AI tools work together to create a logical flow and coherent argument in to your essay. This includes a progression of thought through the piece, as well as topically relevant and comprehensive intros and conclusions. The structured text provided by Smodin is also a great way to improve your writing skills, by using our essay writing as an influence.
  • Any essay type: Including a descriptive essay, persuasive essay, expository essay, argumentative essay, compare and construct essays, and narrative essay.
  • Generate automatic references relevant to your essay’s topic. Our AI-powered algorithm finds and sources accurate references from Gogoel Scholar andother selected resource sites.

Smodin AI Rewriter

Smodin’s AI rewriter and spinner is a great alternative to Quillbot. Simply paste the content you want to rewrite, and then let Smodin do the work.

You can check to make sure your new content is plagiarized, you can also make edits to it, see the changes Smodin made to the original content, copy and paste your new content, or download it as a .PDF file Word/.DOC file.

Click here to start rewriting

Plagiarism Checker

Teachers, students, academics, and other writers can use Smodin to check for plagiarism. Sometimes people plagiarize intentionally, other times it happens accidentally. Either way, Smodin can check a text to see if it’s unique or not.

Simply paste or upload the text you want to check, and then Smodin will scan thousands upon thousands of online files and databases.

If it finds plagiarized content, it’ll list the sources of where that content has appeared before.

This is perfect if you’re writing a paper and have forgotten where you sourced a specific quote or information form.

Click here to check for plagiarism

AI Content Detector

You can also use Smodin to detect AI-written content – perfect for students and editors who want to guarantee the content they’re reading was written by a human.

Here’s an intro paragraph to an essay we had ChatGPT write.

We then put that paragraph in our Ai detection tool

Click here to start using the AI Detector

The above is a partial list of what Smodin offers. Here are some other key features:

  • Story script generator
  • Recommendation Letter generator
  • Reference letter generator
  • Personal bio benerator
  • Thesis generator
  • Research paper generator
  • Story Generator
  • Title Generator and Headline Generator

Start using Smodin to elevate your writing.

2. Grammarly – Good for Grammar Edits

Grammarly is mainly thought of as tool for checking grammar and spelling. And it does do that very well. But it also helps you rewrite your content so its more clear and engaging.

Some of our writers use Grammarly for their articles. For example, here’s a screenshot of the Grammarly Google Doc plug-in used on this article.

Grammarly suggested a style edit to increase clarity for a specific sentence. This Google Doc integration makes it easy to use Grammarly when writing and editing work.

Here are some high-level pros and cons of using Grammarly as an alternative to Quillbot.


  • Comprehensive: Grammarly does a lot. It evaluates your content for various writing issues, from grammar to style and tone.
  • User-friendly Interface: Grammarly is simple to use. Its browser extension, desktop app, and online editor are easy to figure out.
  • Real-time Feedback: You can get Grammarly insights as you type and edit content.
  • Plagiarism Checker: Grammarly Pro (paid version) lets you check your content for plagiarism.
  • Tone Detector: Grammarly’s paid plan also gives insights into the emotional tone of your writing, which QuillBot doesn’t offer.


  • Cost: Grammarly Premium, with its advanced features, can be costly, especially for long-term use. After it’s free plan, its most affordable plan is $12 a month
  • Not Always Perfect: Grammarly works to suggest tone and style and grammar. But there are often nuances into language. It’d be a mistake to just “accept” all of Grammarly’s suggestions.
  • Lacks Paraphrasing Focus: If your main reason to find a Quillbot is to find a different re-writer/re-phraser then Grammarly isn’t right for you. It doesn’t work that way.

Grammarly’s Free Features:

  • Grammar and Spelling Check: Identifies basic grammar and spelling errors.
  • Punctuation: Checks for punctuation mistakes, like missing or unnecessary commas.
  • Conciseness: Points out wordy sentences and suggests more concise alternatives.

Grammarly’s Paid Plan

  • Advanced Grammar Check: Catches complex grammatical issues that the free version might miss.
  • Vocabulary Enhancement: Suggests synonyms to make your writing more dynamic.
  • Sentence Structure: Helps with crafting more structured sentences.
  • Style and Tone: Provides feedback on the tone, formality, and more nuanced aspects of your writing.
  • Plagiarism Detector: Compares your writing against billions of web pages to ensure Originality.
  • Clarity-focused Sentence Rewrites: Offers suggestions to make unclear sentences easier to read.
  • Genre-specific Writing Style Checks: Adjusts suggestions based on the type of content you’re writing (e.g., academic, business, casual)

3. Spinbot: Good for Rephrasing Articles

Spinbot is a free online article spinner. It can rephrase content to generate a new version – making it a direct competitor to Quillbot.


  • Ease of Use: It’s simple to use. Users paste the text they want to rephrase and let Spinbot re-write it for them..
  • Free Access: A limited version of Spinbot can be used for free, which is helpful for casual users or those who need occasional content spinning.
  • API Integrations: Businesses or developers can integrate Spinbot into their systems, which streamlines use.


  • Quality Concerns: Like many automated spinners, Spinbot might sometimes produce content that’s grammatically incorrect, awkward, or contextually off.
  • The Free Plan is Limited: The free version has usage limits and includes ads. For example, if you need higher word limits, you will want to sign up for the paid version. And in that case, it might make more sense – depending on your use case – to use a more full-fledged AI-writing assistant, like Smodin.

4. Hemingway Editor: Good for Improving Readability

The Hemingway Editor is a free tool that helps writers improve their content’s readability. You paste your content into Hemingway, and it highlights lengthy, complex sentences, suggests removing unnecessary adverbs, and identifies passive voice.

Your score gets a readability grade, so you can see if it’s “hard to read” or not.


  • Simplicity: The tool is easy to use – there’s zero learning curve. You can get started with it today.
  • Instant Feedback: You don’t need to wait for Hemingway to process your content. You can make edits and the readability score and highlighted sections updated in real-time.
  • Easily Publish Your Revised Content: If you use the Hemingway App, you can easily publish to WordPress or Medium, which will be useful for bloggers.

Cons of Hemingway Editor

  • Over-Simplification: Hemingway simply tells you the objective facts about the piece of content — how long it is, how many adverbs, whether it’s passive voice, etc. It doesn’t tell you if it’s good or clear or engaging. Simply relying on Hemingway could potentially make you content worse.
  • May Not Help You Writer: Hemingway is likely a useful tool for a skilled writer with a polished draft they want reviewed. But if you’re struggling to write an essay or article, it’s not going to help.

Hemingway Editor can be used in tandem with any of the AI text generators and rewriting tools in this post.

5. ProWritingAid: Good for Creative Writing

ProWritingAid is an extensive writing assistant tool that offers grammar checking, style suggestions, and reports on the structure and readability of your content.

It features useful tools like a grammar checker, a readability report, a thesaurus, plagiarism checkers, packing checkers (great for novelists), and more.


  • Comprehensive Analysis: ProWritingAid is just what it sounds like – a pro-level writing tool for serious writers. It’s commonly used by short story writers, genre writers, novelists, and more.
  • Writing Style Profiles: You can use ProWritingAid for creative, academic, business, and general writing.


  • Overwhelming for New Users: This is not a light tool to use if you need to check for plagiarism or just want some help rewriting an article or essay.
  • Subscription Model: To make ProWritingAid work for you, you will want to subscribe at $10 a month.

6. Turnitin: Good for Avoiding Plagiarism

Turnitin is a popular plagiarism detection software, used by teachers, students, and academics.

When used correctly, it can help ensure your papers are 100% unique and cited correctly. It also provides grammar and spelling checks.


  • Extensive Database: Thanks to its vast database, Turnitin is very effective at detecting potential plagiarism.
  • Integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS): It’s great for academic institutions because it can be integrated with popular systems like Moodle, Blackboard, and Canvas.
  • Interactive Reports: Color-coded originality reports make it easy for instructors to review and for students to understand where they might have writing opportunities.


  • Cost: Turnitin’s services can be expensive, especially for individual users or smaller institutions. You need to contact Turnitin for an exact quote, but some sources online list the price as $3 per student.

Paraphrasing Tool vs. Content Generator: What’s the Difference?

A paraphrasing tool takes existing content and rewords and restructures it. The goal is to produce new content that says the same thing as the original content. You want a unique style and wording, but you don’t want to change the meaning.

But a content generator or text generator creates new content based on prompts, topics, and keywords that you input. For example, Smodin’s essay writer generates content based on a prompt.

To generate this essay for free, we just had to put in a title: “France’s Crucial Involvement in the American Revolution.” Smodin recommended that title itself – the original title submitted read simply “France’s Role in the American Revolution.” But Smodin suggested adding “Crucial” to the title to help better shape and inform the AI-generated text.

Then Smodin proposed an outline, and once that outline was approved, Smodin generated all the text you see on the right.

That’s the critical difference between a paraphraser and a text generator.

Note: Above is a first-try essay written by Smodin’s free version of its essay writer. Try it yourself here.

Next Steps: Trying the Best Quillbot Alternative for Free

Above, we looked at six different Quillbot alternatives, including Smodin.

Smodin is the best alternative overall because it does what Quillbot does (rewriting content), plus more.

And you can also use these other useful tools from Smodin:

Start writing with Smodin now.