Plagiarism is typically defined as copying or stealing somebody else’s work and passing it off as your own. It can also be the use of somebody else’s work without providing source citations. Whether it’s a reckless act or something completely unintentional, it’s always best to use a plagiarism checker.
Plagiarism checkers allow you to automatically check whether the content has been copied. It is always important to review your work, check the originality of content before publishing it online, run it through a plagiarism checker to make sure everything is in order. In the long run, utilizing plagiarism checkers services can be life-changing, saving you a lot of trouble, time, and money.

Plagiarism can be considered a violation of academic integrity and journalistic ethics. It can be punished, you could get suspended, even expelled from school, or work, you could pay hefty fines, and even risk imprisonment.
Plagiarism may not be the same in all countries. Some countries, such as India and Poland, regard plagiarism as a crime, and there have been cases of people being imprisoned for plagiarism.  In other cases, plagiarism may be the exact opposite of  “academic dishonesty”; in fact, in some countries, plagiarism of professional works is regarded as flattery.
Generally speaking, plagiarism itself does not constitute a crime, but just like fake fraud, it can be punished by the court for prejudice caused by copyright infringement, or infringement of moral rights.
Plagiarism and copyright infringement overlap to a considerable extent, but they are not equivalent concepts.  Many types of plagiarism do not constitute copyright infringement, which is defined by copyright law and can be determined by the court.

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#1 Smodin Plagiarism Checker

Smodin, the only Multi-Lingual Plagiarism Checker Supports more than 50 languages.

Smodin plagiarism checker works by checking the entire internet for keywords and phrases in the body of text that are useful to identify the possible sources of the text content. Smodin is useful for detecting plagiarism as well as finding possible sources.  This plagiarism checker is configured to search in the language you want, giving you an increased search functionality, and providing you a deeper scan in the desired language. One of the few Plagiarism detector tools supporting multiple languages. Check for plagiarism in the language you want with Smodin.



# 2 Copyscape

Copyscape provides a free plagiarism checker for finding copies of your web pages online, as well as two more powerful professional solutions for preventing content theft and content fraud:

Copyscape Premium provides more powerful plagiarism detection than the free service, plus a host of other features, including copy-paste originality checks, PDF and Word file uploads, batch search, private index, case tracking, an API, and WordPress integration.

Copyscape also offers free plagiarism warning banners for your website to warn potential plagiarists against stealing your content, a free tool to compare two web pages or articles, and a comprehensive guide to dealing with plagiarism.


# 3 PlagScan



PlagScan is a plagiarism detection software, mainly used by academic institutions. PlagScan compares submitted content with online documents, journals, and internal archives. The software was launched in 2009. You can register as a single user or organization. When registering for the first time, a single user will receive a free test credit and can purchase additional credits for future submissions after completing a satisfactory trial.
The software recognizes plagiarism as soon as at least three consecutive words match a different source.


#4 Quetext

Unlike many other plagiarism checkers, Quetext can detect plagiarism even if certain words are changed. However, the algorithm does detect many false positives. This means that the reported plagiarism rate is actually much higher than it should be.  Located in Kansas, its mission is to promote ethical writing practices through originality and correct citation.


#5  Dupli Checker

Duplichecker is a plagiarism-checking software developed for proofreading, editing online content, and plagiarism checking for students and academic writers. Whether that content is copied from educational purposes or a website’s content this site gives a good accuracy of output with a statistical report by using their tools.