Mem is a unique AI tool – it doesn’t serve to completely take over your life, but to help you improve your day to day. It does this by keeping your notes, making it easy for you to reference tasks, set up reminders, and also use AI tools to write emails, updates, product description, and more.

It’s a bit like a chatbot meets a tool like Notion. But for some people, that’s the problem. It’s a little too limited in what it can do.

To see what makes Mem good for you, we look at its competitors and alternatives, including:

  1. Smodin
  2. ChatGPT
  3. Scalenut
  4. Jasper
  5. Longshot
  6. Writesonic

1. Smodin

Mem AI is a really an advanced chatbot. You can use it to take notes, memorize information for you, that you can letter reference. It can also help you finish your thought when you’re writing an email or blog post.

But you may want a more versatile and full-fledged AI writing tool (or you may want features that Mem doesn’t have like, an AI essay grader or full-blown AI article generator). In that, case, try Smodin.

With Smodin, you can:

  • Write essays
  • Write books
  • Write blog content
  • Write research papers
  • Write professional letters
  • Write legal documents
  • And more

To check out, try Smodin for free, but we also do a deep walk through some of Smodin’s key features below, such as:

AI Article Generator

Unlike Mem, Smodin can write full article for you. This really helps content writers improve their content writing process. You don’t need to fret with writers block or finally getting started.

Just choose the language you want your article in, and tell Smodin the topic. If you’re writing SEO content, tell Smodin the keyword you want to rank for.

Smodin will deliver an outline to you within seconds. You can edit this outline, make revisions, or request edits. 

Once the outline is approved by you, Smodin takes back control and writes the entire article. You can again ask for revisions or make line edits in the text editor. Then you can easily copy and paste your article out of Smodin and into your CMS of choice.

Plus, we have an essay writer for students.

Unlike Mem and other popoular AI tool, Smodin also has feautres perfect for students and academics, such as our essay writer.

Our essay writer works in a similar way to our AI article writer, with some key differences. You can choose the type of essay you’re writing. You can choose whether you want Smodin to include facts and sources or not.

ai article generatorOnce you’ve customized what you need for your essay, Smodin generates the first draft.

Just like our AI article generator, you can reate the results, make edits, or ask for revisions.

Bonus for Students, Academics, and Teachers: When you have an essay, you can use Smodin’s AI grader to check your essay out. It will give you a letter grade (based on the rubric you pick) and provide notes on how to improve your score.

Smodin AI Rewriter

You can use Smodin’s re-writer to take existing content, and re-write it into something new. This is a great way to take content you found, make it new, yet still retain the original meaning. You can also use this to revise your own content, in case you want to work on a new approach to your writing.

Click here to start rewriting

Plagiarism Checker

You can use Smodin’s plagiarism checker to see if a piece of writing has been plagiarized. If it has, Smodin will provide sources for you on where your content was originally listed.

This is also a great way for you to find missing sources for your work.

Click here to check for plagiarism

AI Content Detector

The last tool we’re covering is our AI content detector. You can check to see if a piece of content was written by AI or a human.

As an example of how this works, we requested a paragraph from ChatGPT. Then we pasted that same paragraph into our AI detection tool.

As you can see, the content was flagged as “likely AI written.”

Click here to start using the AI Detector

We didn’t cover all of Smodin’s features above. There are other helpful tools for writers, SEOs, students, and teachers, such as:

  • A ChatBot
  • An AI powered tutor
  • A Title and Headline Generator
  • A Personal Bio Generator
  • And Much more.

To see if Smodin works for you, try it for free today.

2. ChatGPT

ChatgptWhen it comes to having an AI assistant to help organize information and boost productivity, ChatGPT can actually serve quite well in Mem’s shoes. While not branded specifically as a virtual assistant, ChatGPT has some handy features that enable similar note-taking and knowledge collection abilities – often with that touch of conversational flair.

  • For jotting down notes and tidbits you want to save, ChatGPT makes capturing information on-the-fly simple. As you chat with it about topics relevant to your work, projects or interests, highlight key details you want to reference later and ask ChatGPT to summarize them into concise notes for you. It’ll compile nicely formatted bullet points, summaries or task lists for you lickety-split.
  • You can even have ChatGPT store concepts, product specs, research findings etc. and call up that compiled information later when needed simply by saying “Remember when we discussed X – can you tell me what details you have noted about that topic?” Makes notetaking during client calls or meetings a cinch!
  • Much like Mem, ChatGPT can also lend a hand with email productivity. Ask it to generate email templates for common recipient types like clients, team members or vendors, outlining the key sections you like included. Then simply customize specifics from there. You can even have it compose complete email drafts for you to review and send off with just a few tweaks.

So while ChatGPT isn’t claiming the virtual assistant mantle outright, its conversational knowledge base and human-like capabilities make it a handy partner for capturing, retaining and applying information just like Mem.

3. Scalenut

scalenutIf churning out high-quality content designed to rank is your top priority, the SEO platform Scalenut presents a robust alternative to consider in place of a general virtual assistant like Mem. With a customized suite of AI tools geared toward optimizing and streamlining content production, Scalenut enables you to systemize your content creation workflows for Google ranking glory.

You can rely on Scalenut’s AI content generator to pull most of the heavy lifting when first drafting new articles or blogs, ensuring a focus on target keywords and optimization best practices right out the gate. Simply plug in your topic, keywords, desired length and content type – Scalenut’s AI writer produces original draft copy for you to then refine while maintaining your brand voice. This allows you to easily scale content creation bandwidth.

The platform also facilitates collaboration across teams or freelancers, allowing you to assign writing tasks with clear expectations so everyone creates consistent, high-quality articles. Review processes guarantee content meets expectations before final approval and posting.

Post-publishing, Scalenut provides automated monitoring and alerts on metrics like rankings, traffic and conversions by individual content pieces. This allows for easy assessment on what copy resonates most with SERPs and your audience for shaping future production – without daily reporting hassles.

So for those focused squarely on ranking optimized content at scale, Scalenut presents an end-to-end solution that surpasses a standard VA in effectively supporting production volume and optimization visibility needed to win on Google.

4. Jasper

JasperJasper presents a powerhouse option for marketing teams looking to execute campaigns more efficiently thanks to its extensive library of marketing templates and easy collaboration features. Whether you need to run sophisticated PPC efforts or send perfectly-timed email newsletters, Jasper has it covered template-wise so your team can focus efforts on strategy optimization.

  • For PPC managers, Jasper offers a padded portfolio of PPC campaign foundations to then customize to your offerings and target audiences. There are templates for search, display, shopping, video ads and more across Google, Facebook and other networks. Easily keep campaign elements like keywords, ads, landing pages and budget/bidding organized in one AI-supported workspace.
  • For email marketers, choose from beautiful, professional email newsletter layouts across dozens of categories and import your lists and personalized content. Schedule sends, automate workflows and track performance directly in Jasper.

Beyond campaign administration, team members can be assigned roles and permissions so the necessary players have visibility and access to execute on their campaign activities while leadership oversees progress. Alerts and notifications keep team members looped in on their individual responsibilities.

With the project management burdens alleviated through organized templates and workflows, your marketing staff capacity can focus fully on analyzing performance trends and fine-tuning strategies to exceed KPIs.

5. LongShot AI

longshotLongShot AI is really an option to consider if you’re moving away from Mem because you to write long-form content. To show you how that works, here’s a step by step guide to writing long-form content with Longshot.

  1. Decide on your article topic and target keywords. Do some initial research to gather information, quotes, sources, etc. that Longshot can pull from.
  2. Access Longshot and start a new document. Give the article a title and outline any section headers you want included, like Introduction, Problem, Solution, Examples etc.
  3. In the Introduction section, provide 2-3 sentences summarizing the article focus, target audience, and goal for readers. Offer any relevant background for context.
  4. For the body section on discussing the central problem, describe it in 2-3 sentences again in your own words. Bullet point out any key aspects, evidence, or data points you want cited.
    • Do Step 4 for additional sections – describing the solution, examples etc. top-line, guided by your initial outline.
  5. Use Longshot’s Rewrite Button to have the AI generate full paragraph content expanding on each prompt.
  6. Review the AI-generated drafts, editing anything that may be incorrect, incompatible with your brand voice or requiring a unique spin. You maintain full control.
  7. Use Longshot’s Rewrite function liberally to keep improving phrasing, sentence variation, Transitions, or section expansions piece-by-piece until you have a strong draft requiring only minimal edits.

With Longshot accelerating the heavy writing lifting, pour your energy into crafting the opener, key data citations, conclusions etc. to give the article that human finessing for a captivating, premium read.

By combining your wisdom and strategic direction with Longshot’s content generation superpowers, crafting remarkable long-form articles becomes much easier! Just take it step-by-step.

6. Writesonic

Writesonic offers a compelling suite of AI-powered writing capabilities that business owners, marketers and writers alike will find handy alternatives to plain old Mem for punching up their content effectively. Beyond basic note-taking, Writesonic lets you rework existing copy at length.

  • If you have a short social media post or newsletter blurb that needs more substance to properly resonate with audiences, use Writesonic’s content expansion tools. Identify the key message and let its AI rearrange sentences, inject new statistics or examples, swap vocabulary – instantly stretching copy without losing continuity.
  • For lengthier content like blog articles, upload the draft to Writesonic to completely rephrase paragraphs when needed to boost uniqueness, improve flow between points or enhance readability. The AI revisions make aged evergreen posts feel fresh and optimized again also.
  • For important collateral like eBooks, case studies or whitepapers, Writesonic shortens content intelligently – preserving only the most hard-hitting stats, pivotal findings and critical conclusions when cutting for length. Protect core substance while adapting assets for repurposing needs.

With robust rewriting capabilities personalized to one’s brand voice, Writesonic gives modern-day content creators, companies and marketers alike a versatile writing assistant. One that goes beyond notetaking to optimize any copy length and style for greater engagement and impact

Next Steps: Try Smodin for Free

Mem is considered a knowledge assistant – that means you’re using AI to help you better take notes, prepare for the week, remember important info, and more, such as writing emails or newsletters or blogs.

This means you want an AI tool that is versatile to your needs. That’s where Smodin comes in.

Smodin is great for:

  • AI chatbot
  • AI tutoring (for students)
  • Writing emails
  • Writing blog posts
  • Writing marketing materials

This makes a a great alternative to Mem.

Try Smodin for free today.