In this post, we look at 6 Outranking alternatives.

We look at three different types of tools and competitors:

  • First: Competing SEO platforms. Outranking is an AI powered SEO-platform, so we include alternatives like Scalenut and GrowthBar.
  • Second: Chatbots. You may not want a full-service AI-powered SEO platform, instead you may want something leaner and less expensive. For those people, we look at how you can use a chatbot to help you ideate and create better content.
  • Third: Smodin. Smodin is a good Outranking alternative, because you can use its SEO features or its chatbot. Plus, it also has tools for students, academics, teachers, and researchers.

Here’s the full list of Neuraltext alternatives and competitors that we cover:

  1. Smodin
  2. ChatGPT
  3. GrowthBar
  4. Scalenut
  5. Rytr
  6. ShortlyAI

1. Smodin

smodin ai writingUnlike Outranking, Smodin isn’t focused exclusively on SEO content. This makes it a more versatile tool that can be used by all types of writers (from copywriters to content writers and studetns). This also makes Smodin more affordable, as you’re not going to have to pay for SEO features if you don’t need them.

Think of Smodin as an all-in-one AI-powered writing tool. Writers use Smodin to come up with new ideas, talk with our chatbot, write essays, write blog content, write professional letters, and much more.

You can also keep reading to learn how Smodin works by taking a close look at some key features, including:

Note: You can also try Smodin for free.

AI Article Generator

If you used Outranking at all, chances are you’re working with blogs or online content. In this case, Smodin’s AI article generator is a direct replacement to Outranking.

ai article generatorYou can choose the topic of the article you want to write, including the keyword you want to rank for (if you have one).

Then you can pick how long you want your article to be, and in what language you want it written in.

Within seconds, Smodin delivers an outline. You can make any changes necessary, like adding/removing sections or requesting revisions.

When your outline looks perfect, you can just hit Generate and Smodin will write the entire article for you. This is a great way to get a first draft of you article, without worrying about writer’s block or how to get started.

By using our AI article generator, you can get SEO-rich articles and expedite your overall content production process.

Plus, students can write essays with Smodin

Unlike Outranking, Smodin offers more than just SEO features, we also have features for students and teachers, including our essay writer.

To use our essay writer, simply tell Smodin the topic of your essay.

Then Smodin can suggest a better title, and offer you an outline. Just like with our AI article generator, you can edit and modify the outline as necessary. You can also pick the type of essay you’re writing (such as a comparative essay) and choose whether you want Smodin to include facts and sources.

smodin essay outlineWhen all that is done, Smodin writes the essay for you.

smodin generated essayUsing our Smodin essay writing can help you get better grades.

You can also check your grade by using our AI Essay Grader. You can upload the rubric for your essay and Smodin will grade it, giving you a letter grade, and rationale behind why you received the grade you did.

Note: Our AI Grader is also great for teachers, heping them edit essays quickly and efficiently, so they can spend more time coaching and tutoring theri students.

Smodin AI Rewriter

You can use Smodin’s AI rewriter to re-write existing content, giving you fresh and new content that still retains the meaning of your original content.

This helps blog writers, marketing writers, students, and other types of writers keep their content fresh and unique.

Click here to start rewriting

Plagiarism Checker

Smodin comes with a plagiarism checker to help you see if a piece of writing has been plagiarized.

Sometimes plagiarism happens accidentally, other times a writer is trying to cut corners. No matter what the reason, you don’t want plagarized content (it’s bad in academia, and it’s bad in marketing writing, too).

To use our plagiarism checker, just paste or upload your content into our tool. Smodin then looks to see if that content has come from another soure. If it has, it’ll provide links to where that content originally appeared.

Note: This is also a good way to find missing sources. For example, if you had taken a quote from an article or book, but had forgotten to mark down the source, you can use this tool to find the original source.

Click here to check for plagiarism

AI Content Detector

Using AI tools is becoming more and more common – and sometimes more acceptable. Still, there are times when using an AI t to write your content just isn’t appropriate. If you want to confirm whether or not a piece of writing was used by AI, you can use our AI content detector.

To show how it works, we asked ChatGPT to write something for us. Then we took that content and pasted it into our AI content detector tool.

You can see that content was correctly flagged as being likely written by AI.

Click here to start using the AI Detector

Try Smodin as a Free Outranking Alternative

Above we looked at some of Smodin’s key features, like our:

  • AI article generator
  • AI rewriter
  • Plagarism Checker
  • Content Detector

But we also have recommendation letter generators, personal bio generators, story generators, title and headline generators, a chatbot, a tutoring tool, and much more.

The good news is that you can try these things for free to see if it works for you before signing up for our affordable paid plans.

Start using Smodin to elevate your writing.

2. ChatGPT

ChatgptIf you don’t want a full-blown AI or SEO tool, consider if your team (or you) can get by just using a ChatBot. While not specifically designed for SEO like Outranking aims to be, ChatGPT can actually be super helpful for SEO geeks like us. Here’s how:

Brainstorming and Strategizing

  • Chat with ChatGPT to spitball ideas for SEO strategies tailored to your site or client site’s goals. Describe the business, current optics, target keywords and ChatGPT can get those creative juices flowing with unique approaches.
  • Use it as a soundboard to test or refine your ideas. Explain a strategy you’re considering and have ChatGPT poke holes, suggest enhancements, or confirm you’re on the right track.

Writing SEO-rich Content

  • Give ChatGPT your keyword, industry, target audience and length guidelines and watch it work some linguistic magic, drafting up an SEO article for you to refine. Huge time saver!
  • Have it create content outlines based on your topic focus keywords so you have an SEO-focused structure to build upon.
  • Use it to generate meta title and description suggestions packed with power phrases.

While ChatGPT does sometimes get a fact or stat wrong, it creates surprisingly human-like content. With a keen eye to fact check or tweak where needed, it can be an awesome asset to build out SEO content faster.

3. GrowthBar – An SEO Tool

growthbarGrowthBar is an SEO platform that incorporates AI to automate and enhance several key aspects of SEO strategy and content creation. For SEO professionals and writers, GrowthBar’s AI tools can add efficiency to your workflows.

How SEOs and Writers Can Use GrowthBar for Research and Strategy Development

  • GrowthBar’s AI-powered opportunity finder provides tailored recommendations on untapped keyword opportunities that are well-matched for your business. This can kickstart your research and strategy ideation.
  • The platform’s automated site audit surfaces technical SEO issues to address that may be hindering performance. The audit also benchmarks your site against top competitors so you can identify optimization gaps.
  • GrowthBar offers an SEO ideation tool that generates tagline ideas, blog topics, and link building tactics based on your target keywords. Quickly compile these AI-generated suggestions into a data-driven SEO strategy.

How Writers Can Use GrowthBar for Content Creation and Optimization

  • GrowthBar’s AI content writer lets you instantly generate blog posts and landing pages around target keywords that consider search intent and proper on-page optimization for ranked performance.
  • The AI review tool provides feedback on existing content, highlighting areas to improve for better engagement and conversion.
  • Use the automated meta description generator to create optimized page descriptions for your most important pages.

With GrowthBar’s suite of AI-enhanced tools, SEO professionals can boost their productivity and strategy effectiveness for clients. The platform aims to simplify search optimization through custom AI assistance.

4. Scalenut – An Alternative SEO Tool

scalenutNow let’s look at how full-blown SEO teams can use Scalenut. Scalenut is an SEO platform built to help teams streamline processes and collaborate effectively on campaigns. For those managing an in-house or agency SEO team, Scalenut provides helpful features to align efforts and productivity.

Centralized SEO Campaign Management

  • Create SEO campaigns that outline goals, target keywords, assigned tasks and more so everyone understands top priorities.
  • Use templated workflows for common SEO tasks like content creation, link building outreach, and site fixes so team members know exactly what to do.
  • Track real-time progress on campaigns through automated task statuses so you can catch bottlenecks early.

Role-Based Permissions and Notifications

  • Assign user roles like SEO exec, manager, content writer, outreach specialist etc. granting access to certain features and campaign visibility per their responsibilities.
  • @mention colleagues on tasks so alerts are sent their way when it’s time to kickoff their piece of the SEO puzzle.
  • Set up custom notification rules by campaign milestone, budget thresholds reached, ranking changes and more to keep leadership or clients informed automatically.

With a centralized SEO command center oriented around collaboration, Scalenut makes it easier for in-house and agency teams to orchestrate the many moving parts of SEO in harmony. Managing campaigns, tasks, and workloads becomes much more organized and efficient.

5. Rytr – A Marketing Writer

rytrRytr is an AI writing assistant built specifically to help copywriters and content marketers compose high-quality content faster. With custom writing modes, campaign templates, and creative collaborator features, Rytr aims to become a copywriter’s go-to AI sidekick.

Blog and Copywriting

  • Use Rytr’s blog and copywriting modes to instantly generate draft copy for ads, landing pages, email campaigns, social posts and more. Save hours of writing time!
  • Tweak tone, length, style parameters and rewrite any section with one click so you maintain full creative control.
  • Feed Rytr your brand guidelines, audience personality, keywords and let Rytr deliver tailored copy that sounds like you wrote it yourself.

High-Performance Campaign Development

  • Choose from dozens of pre-made campaign templates for lead gen, product launches, newsletters etc. and let Rytr populate each deliverable.
  • Have Rytr craft 100 Facebook/Instagram ad variations or 20 email subject line options at once so you can A/B test what resonates most.
  • Manage all your campaigns and assets in one place with Rytr then export polished copy directly into your workflow tools.

With an AI writer specialized for copywriting tasks, Rytr helps creatives conquer any content project faster without sacrificing quality or control.

6. ShortlyAI – A Writer’s Tool

Shortly.AI is a writing assistant that helps simplify and enhance content creation workflows. For writers, it can be used to make many parts of the article writing process more efficient.

  1. Research Faster: Use Shortly.AI’s web search inside the editor to quickly pull reference links, quotes, and data to back up your article ideas without leaving your document.
  2. Outline with Ease: Briefly describe your content focus and desired sections. Shortly.AI will automatically generate a custom outline to organize your thoughts before writing.
  3. Draft with Confidence: Build out sections utilizing Shortly.AI’s rephrase tool to reword or expand on sentences, avoiding repetition. The tone checker also ensures your article matches the audience.
  4. Enhance Engagement: Take advantage of the readability scoring and text statistics Shortly.AI provides real-time to keep refining sentences for maximum clarity and engagement.
  5. Fix Grammar Errors: Run the full article through Shortly.AI’s grammar checker to catch tricky grammar, punctuation, or spelling mistakes before publishing.

With AI capabilities powering every step, drafting captivating articles is simpler than ever. Shortly.AI helps writers research, structure, write, refine, and polish content like a seasoned pro.

Next Steps in Finding an Outranking Alternatives: Try Smodin for Free

In this post, we looked at various alternatives to Outranking – with a focus on both chatbots and fully-blown AI platforms.

A good place to start your journey is Smodin.

Smodin is structured and versatile.

With Smodin, you can:

  • Draft full articles
  • Write and grade essays
  • Re-write existing content
  • And much more.

Try Smodin for free today