About Us

Our Mission

Changing Education With AI

Smodin is on a mission to make everyday applications available to every language. We are primarily focused on helping students, writers, educators, and virtual workers with their everyday work.

Our Ranking

We're A Top 6000 Website Globally

Global Search Index ranked our websites in top used websites around the global. We are offering our services to more than millions of users and still we are growing exponentially

Our Motivation

Culture is an incredibly important part of every company. We are standing by six important key elements

Trust & Respect

Our Team

We're Global And Growing

Currently a team full of intellectual and ambitious developers and product focused innovators. We are placed throughout the globe, largely in Islamabad, Pakistan. We make it our priority that everyone works on impactful projects they enjoy. The team is currently led by our developer CEO, and we've taken a strong technical and product-focused mindset for what we do.