About Smodin

AI is uniquely positioned to remove some of the biggest learning roadblocks facing students and writers today: writer's block, information overload, and conceptual gaps. Smodin is a multilingual student-focused company using AI to address students’ largest learning challenges.

Our Mission

Inspired by the biggest challenges students and writers face, Smodin’s mission to make writing as stress-free as possible. We at Smodin believe writing shouldn’t hold anyone back. Be it language, understanding, or low talent, writing should be an avenue where anyone can express themselves completely, unimpeded.

Our Team

We're Global And Growing

Currently a team full of intellectual and ambitious developers and product focused innovators. We are placed throughout the globe, largely in Islamabad, Pakistan. We make it our priority that everyone works on impactful projects they enjoy. The team is currently led by our developer CEO, and we've taken a strong technical and product-focused mindset for what we do.

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Smodin was inspired by our founder’s unique journey through 5 careers of self-taught knowledge, and teaching students of varying academic capabilities. Our founder, Kevin, found that even the smartest students hit roadblocks in understanding. The most difficult of which, starting a paper, is where AI, in particular, excels. By having AI institute the base of a paper, students are free to explore the various facets of the information they’re learning about.

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