Text To Speech Or Speech To Text

Speech Recognition and Text to Speech

When choosing an app to transcribe speech to text and text to speech, quality is important. Our application delivers accurate text to speech and speech to text transcriptions that support multiple languages. Our transcription technology can convert speech to text and vice versa with a strong accuracy level and instantaneous result. It can produce multiple voices in multiple languages and recognize speech in multiple languages.

Different Use Cases

This application converts speech to text nearly instantaneously. It's an ideal solution for long notes, essays, reports, and other lengthy documents. The text to speech functionality employs advanced deep learning techniques, turning texts into lifelike speech. It's excellent for narrating books or other long texts into audio. This application can be greatly useful for people with disabilities in reading and concentration. Our app is particularly useful for eLearning and business purposes and is used daily by writers, students, teachers, bloggers, news reporters, business persons, and people in similar situations.

Why Use Speech Recognition and Text to Speech

This app makes being productive easier than ever. It can help efficiency with your time and energy. This may be the key to mobility and efficiency in your work. Speech to text and text to speech have amazing potentials for recording ideas and saving time spent typing, writing, or reading at the office or school so you can relax, think more creatively, and get more work done. This app breaks language barriers, designed to reach billions of non-English people. It can easily transcribe on demand all your text and speeches using many languages.

Read Text To Me

Have you ever wanted an application that could "read the text to me"? Well, here it is! With Smodin’s text to speech app, you can turn files from text to speech. You can convert word text to speech. You can also use our speech to word! It's a simple way to convert text to speech, or speech to text, that is fast and straightforward. Write your message directly into the box choose your favorite voice, choose the speed, and then use it!

Useful Text to Speech and Speech to Text Features

Quality Performance and Compatibility

We bring optimized performance on almost all devices and updated browsers. We are working on enabling the use of multiple file extensions.

Vast Range of Voices

The app includes an extensive collection of voices to read your text aloud. US English, British English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Indian, Russian, Arabic, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese to name a few.

Seamless Control

The user interface is sleek and easy to use. You can modify settings, reading speed, voice, or language as you are listening to a text with this great feature.

Excellent Tool for People with Learning Disabilities

People with reading disabilities, visual impairment, and concentration problems can benefit greatly from text to speech function.

Great tool for Learning

Our app can be used as a tool to learn the proper pronunciation of words in a foreign language. It can also help a person develop fluency with their speaking skills.

Quick turnaround time

Speech to text is faster than typing, hence, increasing users’ efficiency, productivity, and comfort.

We value your Privacy

We do not store anything you say or type or any other data about you.

About Us

We believe that anyone should be able to use technological necessities. Our way of making that happen is by building simple applications which can be used in a variety of languages. Although our main focus is language based applications, we are in the process of building tools for everyday use cases. Have an idea for an application that might be useful in many other languages other than English? Feel free to reach out to us, we would love to hear from you!

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