Real Time Translated Subtitles

Translate YouTube Videos

We translate YouTube videos that have subtitles into over 100 different langauges in real time. That mean you see see any video in the language you prefer while you're watching the video! This is great for lectures, for news programs, for amazing TV shows in many other languages.


News comes in many different languages, and typically news is always transcribed. Now with our software you can watch transcribed news in any language of your choosing!

Seminars, Documentaries, and Lectures

Knowledge comes in many different languages. Sometimes, it will not come in the language you need. Our software allows you to get any video that has been put on YouTube and has already been transcribed to be translated into any language.

Hearing Impaired

People who have impaired hearing have would have difficulty watching a video in their own language if it did not have subtitles in the right language. Our application quickly translates subtitles in any language and makes it available to the hearing impaired in real time.

Movie Films

Movie films often get translated into some of the main languages that exist in the world, like many a foreign language films do. However, they do not always get translated into the lesser known languages. This can be difficult for people who wish to watch a movie in their own language that the movie has not been transcribed into.

Your Own Video

Do you have your own video you want transcribed? You can do this in one of two ways. First, we are working on a software that uses google chrome to transcribe your video in real time and then translate it into any language you desire. When this software is done, you will see a link to it at the bottom of this page. Second, you can upload your video to youtube and use youtube to transcribe it using their automatic transcriber. From there, you can come to our website and have it translated into the language you need.

Help Your Family and Friends

Sometimes you want to share a video with your family, but it isn't in a language they understand. Or perhaps you have a family or friend who is hearing impaired. Our application helps translate all the subtitles of any video into any language they could want in real time. This is can help with have an audience which have many different languages.

What Else Could You Use This For?

Translating transcribed videos

Translating news

Translating YouTube Videos

Translating lectures

Translating assignments

Translating music videos

Translating movies

Translating documentaries

Translating TV shows

Translating subtitles for hard of hearing

Translating help for hard of hearing

Translating videos for deaf persons

Translating movie captions

Translating music

Translating different dialects

Translating in real time

Translating foreign language films

Translating any films

Translating cable television

Translating audiobooks

Interested in using links other than YouTube?

Contact us to find out how we can use our system on your website, or a different website. Reach out to us on our contact page below.

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Why It's Useful

Until now, the only options appears to be downloading the script in a youtube video and translating it line by line. Typically, this involved a long wait before being able to use the video. Now, any one at any time can see the video in their langage of choice. This is excellent for viral videos.

About Us

We believe that anyone should be able to use technological necessities. Our way of making that happen is by building simple applications which can be used in a variety of languages. Although our main focus is language based applications, we are in the process of building tools for everyday use cases. Have an idea for an application that might be useful in many other languages other than english? Feel free to reach out to use, we would love to hear from you!

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Origin of Subtitles

Subtitles were created due to the expense associated with filming multiple movies. There were people of other cultures and languages eagerly awaiting some of the top hit movies from different cultures. Subititles were introduced in the 1920s to target wider audiences. Today, there is an increase in using subtitles for educational videos and news programs. Automatic translation software is being frequetly used by platforms like YouTube to provided subtitles for a large majority of their popular videos.


This application does a lot of work in the background to make sure you see the transcript translations in real time, if you are having speed issues, just pause the youtube video and let it load.

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