Generating 100% unique content is hard. Whether you are a digital marketer, blogger, student, or storyteller, writing an engaging piece of content involves a huge volume of work. Moreover, the repetitive nature of the task can drain all your creativity.

If you write better content, it attracts and converts your readers for less money. However, if done wrong, it becomes a huge time investment that produces little return. It means businesses, students, and storytellers need a way to create content quickly and consistently without losing quality.

What if we say, you could give a machine a few instructions and let it generate engaging and original content while you focus on important tasks? Well, now it is possible, all thanks to AI writer tools powered by machine learning.

In this article, we will talk about how the AI writer tool works and how it can transform your content writing.

What is an AI content writer, and how it works?

AI content writer uses natural language processing to understand, learn, and write content. It produces computer-generated content in various forms based on the criteria that you fill out.

When using the AI writer, you must decide what type of content you want to write. It could be anything from blogs, essays, a thesis, or an ad. Then, set the parameters for the AI writer tool to follow, and within seconds your text is ready. When the tool receives the instructions, it generates content based on it by analyzing preexisting content from the internet and processes it into engaging and plagiarism-free text.

Why should you use an AI content writer?

There are a few reasons why marketers, bloggers, students, copywriters, and storytellers might want to check out AI content writers.

Saves time

From hiring a professional writer to producing a final refined content copy, the well-researched piece can take weeks to complete. However, using an AI content writer can generate content within seconds, saving you valuable time. You need to set aside some time for editing and proofreading, but it is usually faster than writing the entire piece yourself. The AI writer tool analyzes data much quicker than human writers can, thus they can instantly generate engaging content.

Increase productivity

The AI writer tool saves your time; therefore, it explains how it can increase productivity. The faster you can produce content, the more you can write. Also, think about how convenient the AI writer is when you want to generate bulk content, like product descriptions, PPC ads, Facebook ads, and so on. AI writers can handle all these jobs seamlessly and quickly, so you are free to focus on more demanding tasks. You have the time to focus on generating leads and KPI tracking of your business for growth.

Create targeted content easily.

The AI writer helps create targeted content easily that is time-consuming to produce manually. You need to input the data in the tool, and the information you get is most relatable to the content you want. The algorithm will search the internet to find the best content that matches your purpose and generate targeted content.

Boost SEO efforts

The AI writer tool provides content based on keywords you type in. Therefore, it allows you to boost your SEO efforts without spending much time curating engaging content. Google and other search engines like targeted, relevant, and valuable content. It can be easily generated by entering the right keywords in the tool.

Save you from writer’s block.

When writing content on a similar topic frequently, your brain freezes, and you are not able to brainstorm unique ideas. This is where the AI content writer tool comes in to save you from the dreaded writer’s block. The tool helps brainstorm ideas and generate relevant and unique content, helping you get going with content creation.

Saves money

Using an AI writer tool for writing content, you also save an incredible amount of money. Think about how much money you might spend on hiring a content writer to work on your projects. But when you use AI writers, you do not have to outsource the content work and increase expenses on content writers. However, you might need an editor to manage the content before publishing if you cannot do it yourself. But still, it is quite less than paying a professional writer.

If you are a busy content creator with multiple deadlines or want to scale your content production, it is worth using the AI writer tool. It helps you out with relevant and unique content generation.

Are there any limitations to the AI writer tool?

AI writer tool simplifies the process to generate relevant content. Therefore, it can be tempting for users to put in a few lines in the tool to produce content and hit the publish button, especially when facing a deadline.

Letting the AI writer do all your copywriting without proofreading can lead to various issues. If you are not a native speaker of a language, the tool will create superior content for you in under a minute. However, a native speaker of the language could identify that the content is generated by a machine.

It is because the AI writer tool generates content that it has seen before or is programmed to write. The tool can copy the format of the document but cannot change the style and structure of the content without having a large amount of data available.

The tone of the content is another aspect that is particularly difficult for a tool to master. The tool can change the tone of your entire content.

These are a few limitations of the AI writer. So, when you are using the tool, ensure that you proofread the content for any grammatical errors, tone issues, and spellings for great content that converts.

AI writers help you generate content quickly, but they are not a substitute for human content creation. Just think of them as a highly useful tool in your content marketing toolbox.

Which is the best AI writer tool?

There are plenty of AI writers available, but the best among the slot is the Smodin AI Writer tool. With just a click of a button, Smodin AI writer can write various types of text in a few minutes. The tool helps you write high-quality and unique copy for blog posts, articles, essays, thesis, email, Facebook ads, or social media marketing campaigns. It is a free and intuitive tool for page creation, headlines, writing paragraphs, lists, and more within a few seconds.

It saves you time and helps you focus on other important aspects of your work. The tool understands your target audience and generates relevant, engaging, unique, and convincing content easily.

How to use Smodin AI writer?

Using Smodin AI writer is easy. There are no software or programming skills required nor do you need to be a data scientist to use the tool. All you need to do is input a small amount of text, sit back, and watch the tool generate original and relevant content.

However, to produce high-quality and relevant content, you must decide what you want to write, think about the subject you want to work on, and how you can approach it. Then, create two to three sentences or the minimum required characters for the tool to work with. Once, done copy and paste the content in the AI writer tool and click on generate text button. Once you get the content, review it to find out any errors or tweak the content as per your needs. You can also keep generating content from the original seed.

Moreover, with Smodin AI Writer, you even get real-time feedback. The AI Writer tool is designed to be used by everyone who wants to generate unique content quickly. The tool is completely automated and can generate text in more than 50 languages.

Don’t waste your time, effort, or money on complicated programs, use the Smodin AI Writer now and see your work progress.


Whether you are a digital marketer, student, or busy copywriter, AI Writer tools can help you scale your content creation and achieve your goals. The Smodin AI writer is the best one to use to generate content as it is easy to learn and fun to use, and best of all, it produces natural, engaging, and 100% original copy to support your content needs.