In this post, we look at these 6 Hypotenuse AI alternatives.

  1. Smodin
  2. Jasper
  3. Writesonic
  4. Rytr
  5. Anyword
  6. Simplified

We look at these specific alternatives and competitors because they give writers a good variety of choices. We have options better suited for content writing, marketing teams, and students and teachers.

We factor in:

  • The key use case of each tool
  • Usability and integrations
  • Advanced features
  • Pricing

1. Smodin

SmodinSmodin is a great, all-in-one AI-powered writing tool. It has features such as:

  • A Smodin AI Rewriter: You can take content and re-write it with Smodin, giving you brand new content that keeps the intent and meaning of the original piece.
  • A Plagiarism Checker: You can see if any content has been plagiarized. This is great for teachers but also for editors managing a team of writers. Keep your content original by using our checker.
  • An AI Content Detector: See ifthe content submitted to you was likely made by AI or not.
  • An AI ChatBot: This is Smodin’s alternative to popular bots like ChatGPT. You can ask our chatbot questions, and it can write sample sentences or paragraphs for you.

To see how Smodin works for you, you can:

  • Start using Smodin for free, or
  • Keep reading to learn about Smodin’s key features, including a full-blown AI article writer and essay writer.

AI Article Generator – Write Articles More Quickly

Bloggers and content writers can really benefit from using our AI article generator. It lets them generate a complete article within seconds. This is great for knocking out troublesome first drafts or breaking through any type of writer’s block.

You can choose how long the article will be, what language it’ll be in, and whether it needs an image or a conclusion.

ai article generatorBefore drafting the article, Smodin shares an outline with you. This outline is based on your topic or keyword. You can edit the outline to fit your vision for the article.

Once you’re happy with the outline, Smodin will generate the entire article for you.

Our AI article writer saves content writers and bloggers a lot of time when producing articles.

AI Essay Writer – Easily Write High-Quality, Fact-Based Essays

Smodin also has an AI essay writer feature, which is perfect for students at all levels.

You just choose the topic of your essay, an Smodin will suggest a title and propose an outline.

smodin essay outlineYou can then pick the language you want the essay in, confirm the title, choose the quality of writing your essay warrants, select the essay type (such as a narrative essay or persuasive essay), choose the essay length, and then choose whether or not your essay needs facts and sources.

Once you’ve approved the outline, Smodin only takes a few moments to write the entire essay.

smodin generated essayNext, we look at how you can use Smodin to grade your essays, which will help you improve your writing.

AI Grader – A Tool for Teachers and Students

Both students and teachers can use Smodin’s AI grader to make their lives easier.

  • Teachers can use our AI tool to easily grade essays. Gone are the long nights after class is over, spent hunched over and reading essay after essay. Instead, use our AI grader to give a “first pass” at grading an essay. This lets you review the AI grade quickly and spend more time with your students, not with their papers.
  • Students can see what grade they’re likely to get. Student can submit their work in progress to Smodin and get a letter grade that also comes with some explanations on why they got the grade they got. This helps them revise and edit their paper.

With Smodin’s AI essay grader, you can customize the rubric, letting you use the essay grader across all different types of assignments.

Use AI to grade your writing today.

2. Jasper

JasperThere are a lot of great things about Jasper that make it a good option if you’re not satisfied with Hypotenuse AI.

  • Jasper’s Brainstorm feature. Jasper has this really cool Brainstorm feature that actually helps me come up with ideas and angles for my articles. I just type in my topic and bam – Jasper spiders out a web of related points I can write about. It’s like having a little AI brainstorming buddy!
  • Jasper’s Tone Turner. Another thing I dig is Jasper’s Tone Tuner. I write in different styles for different clients. With the Tone Tuner, I can pick from tones like “Conversational,” “Formal,” or “Expert” and Jasper adapts its writing to match. It really helps me customize the voice for each project.
  • Jasper’s Sentence Re-writer. The Sentence Rewriter is clutch too. If Jasper generates a clunky sentence (which is rare), I can click Rewrite and it’ll spin me a better option using its language algorithms. It’s like having an AI writing assistant at my side.

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3. Writesonic

writesonicRecently, I decided to try Writesonic as an alternative to Hypotenuse, to see if it had features that would work for my type of writing (content writing) and more.

So far, I have to say, Writesonic has thoroughly impressed me with its advanced AI capabilities.

The key features that set Writesonic apart are its Content Enrichment and Tone Customization.

  • The Content Enrichment really ensures the paragraphs are fleshed out with supporting details. I just provide a high-level outline and Writesonic handles enriching each section with facts, data, examples etc.
  • The Tone Customization is also great.I can choose from over 50 preset tones from “Authoritative” to “Humorous” to “Optimistic.” This level of customization ensures my writing aligns neatly with the client’s brand voice.

Plus – and this is very subjective – Writesonic’s AI seems more advanced than Hypotenuse’s outdated model. The writing style is polished and nuanced in ways that sound human. Hypotenuse’s sentences were often choppy or robotic. The Writesonic output blends seamlessly with my own writing.

For professional writers looking to boost productivity without sacrificing quality, I highly recommend test driving Writesonic. The Content Enrichment and Tone Customization features are particularly useful upgrades from Hypotenuse’s capabilities. Writesonic has become my go-to AI writing assistant.

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4. Rytr

rytrWhen I was doing my round up of Hypotenuse alteratives, I also tried Rytr. So far, I have been very impressed with Rytr’s capabilities and can see it becoming an indispensable part of my workflow.

The key features that make Rytr stand out are its Depth Control and Brainstorm functionalities.

  • With Depth Control, I can easily adjust how expansive I want the AI-generated text to be using a simple slider. This allows me to dial in the right level of detail for each project.
  • The Brainstorm feature has also been a gamechanger. No more staring at a blank page – I just enter a topic and Rytr provides an extensive spiderweb of related ideas and angles to write about. This AI-powered brainstorming jumpstarts my creative process.

Additionally, Rytr’s output is remarkably smooth and eloquent thanks to its Natural Language Generation technology. Gone are the days of stilted, robotic-sounding text from Hypotenuse (just an opinion!). Rytr’s writing style mirrors my own cadence and word choices.

For professional writers who value quality over quantity, Rytr hits the AI sweet spot. With robust features like Depth Control and Brainstorm, as well as fluid natural language capabilities, Rytr delivers on both speed and sophistication. It has become my indispensable AI sidekick.

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5. Anyword

anywordAnyword has several key features that I like.

  • For example, one of Anyword’s standout features is Ideas Generator. When I’m stuck, I simply input my core topic and Anyword provides an expansive bullet point list of potential angles, supporting points, and examples to cover. This AI-powered brainstorming is a game changer for quickly developing new article ideas.
  • I also love using Anyword’s Rewrite feature. If I need to rework an awkward sentence, I highlight it and click Rewrite. Anyword then regenerates the sentence using its sophisticated language model, turning clumsy phrasing into polished prose.
  • Finally, there’s Anyword’s Tone Classifier. I can set the desired tone like “Conversational” or “Formal” and Anyword analyzes my writing and provides feedback on whether I’m hitting the right style. This helps ensure my tone is consistent throughout a piece.

With its advanced natural language generation and creative features like Ideas Generator and Rewrite, Anyword has become an indispensable writing asset. It enables me to produce high-quality content at speeds not otherwise possible. Anyword is the future of AI-powered writing assistants.

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6. Simplified

  • The Research Assistant is invaluable when I need quotes, data, or examples to support my points. I simply highlight a section and trigger Research Assistant – Simplified AI will then generate relevant facts, statistics, and quotes to strengthen my content.
  • The Contextual Rewrite feature is another lifesaver. If I don’t love how a paragraph flows, I can highlight it and use Contextual Rewrite to rework the section while preserving the core ideas. This helps me refine and tighten my drafts.
  • When facing writer’s block, I lean on Simplified AI’s Content Ideation to get creative juices flowing. I input some high-level points and Content Ideation provides expanded outlines I can build upon, generating angles I may not have considered.

I can see Simplified AI being someone’s go-to sidekick with its advanced research capabilities, contextual rewriting, and ideation features. It helps me quickly create well-supported, polished content every time. I couldn’t imagine writing without it! Simplified AI is an essential productivity tool for any professional writer.

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Next Steps: Using Smodin as an Alternative to Hypotenuse

This post looked at six different Hypotenuse AI alternatives and competitors, all different types of writing use cases, from email marketing writing to blog writing to essay writing.

We recommend you start first with Smodin. Smodin is free to use, and you get all different types of tools, including an:

  • AI article generator
  • AI essay writer
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Chatbot
  • Homework tutor
  • And much more

Try Smodin for free today